28 Maple avenue, off School Street , Somerville

hi there….my first blog and perhaps portend of things to come forth from my mind, my imagination , my observations of all things mundane and things that i consider special…
the title pertains to where I stay and will till the end of my academic life at HULT International Business School..aka (Arthur D’Little School of management)
It been almost 2 months since i arrived in Boston and felt what it was like to be in the land of opportunity ..the promised land of many across the globe….and this place , Botson, has not failed to surprise me everyday..
the weather for instance …such variations ..such extremes in one single day !
I have travelled extensively in India…I have travelled in Thailand…in Singapore….been to the Serengeti….driven across Nigeria…but have not seen weather like I have in Boston…
its bright in the morning and by afternoon it could be windy as hell and you could be soaking in rain by evening…..but have started to love this mercurial temperament of Boston weather…
our house on Maple avenue dates back to 1890s and has withstood the test of time….classic brick and wood construction….huge walk in closets…big enough to sleep in!
have made it home with as many comforts as possible with limited financial resources…its comfy ..cosy and a place to come back to ..
my window overlooks the street and across the street is the brazilian catholic church….wake up sundays to the sound of laughter and friendly excited chatter of the church goers…your old, teens , young adults…mums dads….beautiful people of all hues….yes this feels like home

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