Good morning Boston ! Nov 13th

Hi guys,

The early rays of the sun are filtering into my room and as I drew away the curtains , I was splashed with the warming nurturing droplets of Ra the sun God!

Boston is beautiful when its not cold and raining……

you have to be here to see the leaves turn hues of ochre, yellows, some browns and mostly orange….the streets are littered with the dead dying leaves….a sign of change to come….ushering in a new season….a season of all prisitine whites.

although I dread the extreme cold, there is a part of me that is looking forward to experience the “real” winter…with loads of snowfall…snow on my window sill…..snow lining my walkway …from the porch to the gate and the side walk beyond…

and i want to experience what it is like to play with the soft white snow, make snow men, have snow fights….and celebrate a white christmas…

so heres to a new day…heres to promise of an even better one…heres to a new dawn and of new seasons to follow…

Good morning Botson!!


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