Is Sub-Saharan Africa the last frontier?

Hi guys,
Im starting this blog with a view to build on my personal assessment about the latent potential laying unleveraged at the bottom of pyramid markets.

I have spent the last 8 years of my professional life as a business manager in Nigeria and in that time I have had the opportunity to travel across East africa as well…Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia.

But it was in West Africa, that I had the opportunity to observe the consumer up close and personal at the proverbial bottom of Pyramid (BOP)

I travelled extensively across Nigeria, Ghana, met people from Mali, Cameroun, Togo, Benin, Sierra Leone, Cote ‘d Ivore, Senegal and the sense I got from meeting these different peoples was this; despite their daily struggles with what many take for granted, their level of aspirations astounds me…
Millions of eager consumers in the Wets African BOP markets may be “dis-enfranchised” because of poor or non existent economic means to pay for their “aspirations”, but it fails to deter them in their quest to ultimately get to their goal, to consume a brand that they have so much aspired for!

As a marketing professional this ignited a curiousity in me and as a business manager of a start up I started to look at this “dis-enfranchised” demographic as a potential money spinner….I have not been disappointed!

I have come away from Africa , with the belief that after all the avenues have been exhausted by investors who play in the global marketplace, where Africa is not currently included at levels observed in other regions (BRICS), these investors will finally begin to see what I have seen in Africa and investments will come to this part of the world.
Sub – Saharan Africa will be the last frontier for all the major hedge funds, investment funds, Private equity funds, Venture capital funds and funds in a myriad different hues!!

How long can you not invest in a market where ROI are many TIMES that seen in the developed world!!

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