The future for SONY Game console , the PSP…

SONY corp. game business is in for a rude shock….

Its entrenched competitors in the game console business continue to hound it, the margins in the business are in probability going to be squeezed tight for a long time to come, and now to add to its woes, we now have an upstart , right here in the US, Boxer8.

Watch out SONY (and Microsoft and Nintendo), Boxer8’s game console, to be sold for 99$ will be a tough price level to match.

Since I have a bias for SONY PSP platform, I have the following advice for SONY.

Look at hitherto unexplored markets for your future growth (and sustainability) and perhaps a comparative and competitive advantage.

My suggestion- EDUCATION.


  • Education focus in strong in the emerging markets, who have realized that without an educated society, economic benefits will not naturally follow- the 2 , education and economic development are closely inter related.
  • Pedagogy in the emerging markets is rustic, archaic, rudimentary and plain boring, leading to poor retention in students, and often drop out from the formal school system.
  • Emerging economies are showing rapid penetration of mobile technology based on availability of bandwidth, in turn leading to improving penetration of internet, at lower costs.
  • Learning 24 X 7 , on demand is an idea that is gaining prominence.
  • Learning is everywhere, the challenges are similar, irrespective of the market
    • Kindergarten to 12 (K 12)
    • Higher education
    • Specialized vocational education
    • Continuing education
    • Management education
    • KPO (Knowledge process outsourcing)
    • Corporate e-learning…the list can go on.
    • Collaboration between learners is seen as a critical element of contemporary pedagogy.
    • Learning through gamification is known to have positive impact on students interest in the subject, leading to enhanced retention and therefore improved results.

The PSP platform is perfect for delivering education through an interactive, “game experience”.

The PSP ecosystem already consists of game developers as one side of the network, avid , hard core gamers already exist on the other side of the network- both are being poached by competitors today.

Up the ante, raise the bar, think out of the box, look at the trends from the pointers mentioned and you know that within your existing business, there exists a segment, who will buy this new product- those gamers who want EDUCATION through GAMING!!