4 Simple ways to Beat Your Sales Quotas

Beating sales quotas is not rocket science..its about discipline in your approach in sales management. From my experience, the following actually deliver results if seriously imbibed into your standard operating procedure.

  • STRATEGY #1. Increase the time you spend actually selling. Figure out how to spend less time doing paperwork and more time meeting with customers. For example, figure out a way to get an admin to handle the bulk of your CRM data entry and expense report work.
  • STRATEGY #2. Pre-qualify your sales leads. Make certain that a larger percentage of your sales activity actually results in business by winnowing out your list of prospects to those who are similar to those who have bought from you in the past.
  • STRATEGY #3. Reduce your overall sales cycle. Decrease the amount of time that it takes to turn prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers. For example, figure out where delays take place in the customer’s buying process and work ahead of time to overcome them.
  • STRATEGY #4. Increase your average order size. If the average size of each sale grows larger, then overall corporate revenue will increase rapidly.  Always remain aware of situations where additional products should be added to the size and scope of the deal.