4 Simple ways to Beat Your Sales Quotas

Beating sales quotas is not rocket science..its about discipline in your approach in sales management. From my experience, the following actually deliver results if seriously imbibed into your standard operating procedure.

  • STRATEGY #1. Increase the time you spend actually selling. Figure out how to spend less time doing paperwork and more time meeting with customers. For example, figure out a way to get an admin to handle the bulk of your CRM data entry and expense report work.
  • STRATEGY #2. Pre-qualify your sales leads. Make certain that a larger percentage of your sales activity actually results in business by winnowing out your list of prospects to those who are similar to those who have bought from you in the past.
  • STRATEGY #3. Reduce your overall sales cycle. Decrease the amount of time that it takes to turn prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers. For example, figure out where delays take place in the customer’s buying process and work ahead of time to overcome them.
  • STRATEGY #4. Increase your average order size. If the average size of each sale grows larger, then overall corporate revenue will increase rapidly.  Always remain aware of situations where additional products should be added to the size and scope of the deal.

4 thoughts on “4 Simple ways to Beat Your Sales Quotas

  1. The steps are absolutely right to increase sales productivity , but let me add some more I call it sale steroids-
    1. Involving your customers in product prototype or development phase by giving them short demos goes a long way as they become part of the creation process.

    2. Engaging leads early in into beta programs with short demos much before release n market events take place.

    3, incorporate some feed back n show them next quarter in a demo that how their feed back is valued.

    4. Convert your potential leads not as buyers but product Evangelist whose feed back is valued over a period your conversion rate will increase

    • 5. Integrating your crm tool with feature development success story the teams journey for quarterly updates to potential leads is a compelling way of them knowing why they should buy from you it goes beyond convincing to knowing the culture , character, n journey of Dev cycles before your sales team even make a call.

      • These are awesome points and additions Nikhil…in fact they are right on the money! All the above points that you mentioned in response to my blog are part of the Solutions development process that is often deployed in technology businesses. The interesting thing is that this has application in different verticals, where marketers are not even considering this approach to doing business, despite the increasing competition in the spaces that brand owners currently occupy!
        Your suggestions certainly have merit in CPG businesses, print & packaging, specialty chemicals, agric etc

    • Awesome points Nikhil….these points will become part of my solutions marketing program!

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