7 Ways to Make Cold Calling Easy

Hi guys,

As a follow up to my earlier post ” 7 steps to a perfect cold call”, I thought it prudent to share this bit of wisdom with sales reps and sales pros.

7 ways to make cold calling easy is to help ease the jitters of early life sales reps and those who want to quickly earn their pips as sales stars in their teams.

Here are 7 steps that you can take — to turn cold calling from a dreary hassle into an engine of sales success:

  1. Get a better list.  Tell your marketing group to winnow out your list of leads to those who are most likely to buy.  If they won’t do it, do it yourself.
  2. Get some referrals.  The absolute best lists of suspects are ALWAYS referrals from existing customers, because they’ve already vouched for you.
  3. Get some feedback.  If you’re not sure what you’re doing wrong, get a colleague or your sales manager to listen in on a few calls. They will be able to hear, better than you, what you’re doing wrong.
  4. Improve your attitude.  Your sales effectiveness is dependent upon whether you sound like somebody who can add value.
  5. Don’t call on Mondays.  Mondays are awful days to cold call because suspects are catching up on what happened over the weekend.  Find the time of the week that works best for you and your leads.
  6. Experiment with scripts.  Different approaches will get different results, so don’t be afraid to play around a bit.  Do a mental debriefing after each call to decide what you could do better next call.
  7. Track your close rate.  It seems obvious but unless you’re measuring your performance, you won’t know whether cold calling is getting easier.   Keep a record of what works best for you.

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