The pretense of Indian Democracy

Shiv Khera, noted author and columnist just said in national TV that the Govt. is the biggest terrorist of the Indian people!

How prophetic and taunting testament to our democratic institutions!

I am also reminded sadly of a statement made by Ratan Tata to a journalist on national TV that we are a glorified banana republic! (The context was the lack of governance provided by this government for the past 12 months, leading to policy paralysis…)

My take on our democracy is this…

when the British finally left Indian in 1947, they left behind systems and infrastructure in place that was a bare minimum foundation on which to build modern India.

Our constitution was carefully written, after suitable , and winding , due diligence , with the aim to protect the rights of the people of India and make it holistic in its tenor and spirit. Unfortunately it has been reduced to an old encyclopedia that is perhaps gathering dust some place, with no reflection of the realities of what has transpired over the last 65 years.

Archaic penal laws, going back to the times of the British as still in vogue. Large swathes of our population is either illiterate or ignorant of their rights and responsibilities. The interpretation of the constitution and the rule of law is left to the law makers, the seedy politicians and their chosen civil servants, who are corrupted or rendered subservient to their masters in no time.

This interpretation of the law has been shamelessly used to subjugate the people of this country and to protect the political class at the top. While the fat cats in our parliament enjoy 24 X 7 VIP protection, and other perks that they give to themselves in the name of the common man, AND enjoy the spoils of corruption,  70% of the common man in our country lives on less than $ 2 per day!

If the hoarse cry of the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and his followers during the time of the British Raj was against the sheer brutality of the colonial masters, how is the brutality perpetrated by the Indian Govt. on protesters in India Gate any different from what the British did to us then?

The reality stares us all in our faces; we are just spineless to admit the reality.

After independence , the people of India have simply replaced the white colonial masters with brown skinned ones- the hideous joke is on us; our own politicians continue to be smug in the security that our warped twisted laws provide them, and they rest assured that they do not face criminal justice or the right to recall, and hence have the audacity to get away with murder.

And the leading nations of the world call our country a democracy!!!



Indian Sharia Law

The Indian constitution claims to provide equal rights to all citizens of the country, however in this “GREAT” nation of ours, the muslim minority has the privilege of being governed not only by the Indian penal code and laws, but have the flexibility to work within the tenets of Sharia law!!

I am therefore confused…are we really governed by one constitution, one law, or are there privileges given to certain sections of our secular nation, that are their by right because they deserve special consideration!!?? and why may I ask do they deserve special consideration? because the politicians believe that they were  persecuted during the time of our partition some 60 years ago and that wrong has to be addressed by giving them this special privilege!!

How convoluted can our thinking be? How medieval can our “enlightened” law makers be that this abomination can be accepted in the name of pacifying and placating a minority ( which is on its way to become a majority!!)

Under the muslim Sharia law, the woman who has been raped has the onus to provide proof that she was raped !!! thats the ruling of the Muslim sharia law..


How different is this law, when a raped woman has to be subjected to humiliation at our police stations by the leering policemen, who ask her to narrate the sordid details of her rape, in effect, asking HER for proof that she was raped !!!

This is the sad reality of our archaic police laws and our masochist mentality that subjugates women, where the scriptures give the female deity the position of power and purity!! Such is the hypocrisy of our society, such is the level of rot that has set in ,….and one has to realize that the rot starts from the very top , and the onus of turning our great nation into a degenerate society rests solely with them; the so called representatives of the “common man”, the leader, the politicians, the political class and the elected parliamentarians who occupy our temple of democracy and vitiate it with their banality, day in day out.

Is it not then not the time to right a wrong?

Do you call this a democracy?

Its  a Sunday in New Delhi, the capital of  India, the largest “democracy” in the world, and I woke up to dramatic visuals of spontaneous protests lead by the common people, whose pent up anger and angst erupted in a manner that took the para military forces by utter surprise.

The peaceful protesters who had camped in India Gate , keeping a candle light vigil throughout the night, were brutally ousted by the rampaging cops, who forcibly evicted the protesters from the venue- please note that the Indian constitution gives us , Indian citizens to protest peacefully !!

Within the early hours of the morning, news started filtering in that section-144 had been imposed across the national capital- this law forbids the collection of more than 4 people at one place at any time.

This gave the required nod to the force in the capital to unleash a crackdown on the protesters who by now had collected across numerous places in the national capital.

All this while , the President of the ruling congress party and her son, the “youth icon” of the country, were busy placating the representatives of the protesters who were called in to voice their demands….the end result….an impromptu press conference, where words like …we shall try….you have to understand the nature of democracy, it take time….we cannot amend law in a day….we cant do this,,…we cant do that….we shall TRY to get criminals tried immediately, however there are no definite timelines….

Protests are being organized across the country….news filtering in from Mumbai, Bangalore , Kolkotta all speak of people taking to he streets to voice their pent up anger…

Like one news channel is calling it,……its IRON WILL against IRON FIST!!

A crude attempt at muffling the voice of the people to sweep the rotten reality of the state of democracy in India is pathetic and needs to be openly discussed , not only in India but at the global stage.

Maybe Amnesty needs to take a closer look at this than cry fowl over how swiftly Chinese law deals with its criminals and rapists!

8 Rules for Asking Effective Questions

Sales effectiveness is contingent upon optimizing and maximizing time spent per client , leading eventually to conversion and sales closure.

Asking the right questions, the most effective questions to your clients is a critical aspect of the sales process that can help the sales rep to become effective and drastically improve his client conversion rates.

Keep in mind that clients DO NOT want confusing questions or questions that irritate them- be mindful of the unique psychological profiles of your clients when you address your questions.

  • Rule #1: Never meet without a plan. Before meeting with a customer, have some idea of what you want to accomplish during the call. Prior to the call, review your relationship with the customer and identify gaps in your understanding of the customer’s business.  Even if you’ve been working with a customer for a long time, you don’t know everything that has happened since your last sales call.
  • Rule #2: Never rehearse your questions. You heard me right.  Nothing is more annoying that a sales person reading questions from a list. It not only makes you look amateurish but makes it difficult for a conversation to evolve naturally.  Rather than rehearsing questions, prior to the meeting write down some keywords which will remind you of what you need to discuss.
  • Rule #3: Never ask stupid questions. Some people say “there are no stupid questions.”  Those people are stupid, however, because it’s idiotic to ask a customer a question that you can find out with a little research on the web.  If there’s some other way to find a piece of customer information, use it.  Don’t waste face time with a customer going over public knowledge.
  • Rule #4: Never give the third degree. Customers don’t want to be on the receiving end of an inquisition.  Rather than trying to find out everything in one meeting, pick two lines of inquiry for each sales call and set a goal to get good answers for at least one of those lines of inquiry.  For example, on the first call, focus on understanding the management chain, but leave the buying process for the next meeting.
  • Rule #5: Never talk more than you listen. Goal-focused sales reps like questions and answer sessions to move quickly, so that the conversation can move to the deal-making. But what’s the point of asking effective questions if you’re not going to listen to the answers?  Listen to the customer, then pause to think about what the customer said, then decide where you want to conversation to go.
  • Rule #6: Never ask leading questions. Sales reps are taught to ask questions that lead the customer towards whatever the reps are selling. (Example: “How can our company help your business?”)  Such ploys, however, are transparent and laughable.  Instead couch your question in neutral terms that allow the customer “room” to give you the information that you need. Example: “In a perfect world, what your vendor be doing for you.”
  • Rule #7. Always invite customers to speak their mind. As early as possible in the conversation, invite the customer to speak about whatever is on the customer’s mind. Example: “Yes, I’m here to talk about our super-widget. But what’s going on with you? How did that big project turn out?” Chances are that you’ll find out more from that conversation than any number of pointed queries of your own.
  • Rule #8: Always ask open-ended questions. Every question you ask the customer should begin with “How…”, What…” or “Why…” Don’t worry about asking a question that “too open-ended.” If your question isn’t specific enough, the customer will ask you to clarify. And then you’re already in a conversation, which is essential if effective questioning is to take place.

Is it time for India’s Tahrir Square?

As the events of the last 24 hours unfold on national television, I am taken back to the peoples revolution that changed the government of Hosni Mubarak despite the very violent and desperate attempts of the Govt. to scuttle the protests.

Tahrir square became the beacon of hope for oppressed peoples across the Middle East, in Qatar, in Saudi Arabia and Syria- we all know how Syria panned out.

The govt. of Hosni Mubarak was despised because he did nothing for the masses, with an elitist cliche at the very top living in the lap of luxury. The undoing of Mubarak was that he refused to believe that his “beloved people”, the Egyptian masses did not live better lives under his 25 years “GOLDEN RULE”!! He was like the proverbial ostrich with his head firmly planted inside the sand, living in his minds utopia, and believing that the Egyptian people loved him for his great rule, that they were thankful that they got Mubarak as a leader to lead them out of their misery!! of course we all know now that that was a myth being played out in Mubarak’s geriatric head over and over again – he was suffering from dementia.

Doesnt the above summary remind you of our elitist politicians and the ruling cliche that believes that they are Gods gift to the Indian population, without which India would not have “progressed”. The myth of progress that they are perpetrating to the largely illiterate Indian population and the world at large is, that there are far less Indians under poverty than there were when the British left the country some 60 years back ( poverty figures based in PPP, figures that the world needs to question and audit for themselves, illiteracy at a govt. stated figure of 40% overall, and all this is deemed as great performance over a 60 years of democratic rule!!).

These politicians have usurped the tenets of democracy and crudely perverted it to ensure their unquestioned rule over a largely illiterate voting population knowing that the laws they formulated to protect themselves and their own kind, DID NOT GIVE THE VOTER THE RIGHT TO RECALL!! A clever, strategic masterstroke to favor their 5 years of undisputed stay in their constituencies, even if they decided to sit back and relax on tax payers money- and this is exactly how this pans out , in each and every state, in each and every district,  after each and every election. This is what our politicians have been doing and WILL CONTINUE TO DO till they and their like are virtually kicked out of the system , and the people take it on themselves to confront this abomination in the name of democracy.

Assurances and hopes provided by these despots will only prove to be the opium of the restive Indian masses- a time tested, time gaining tactic that has paid handsome dividends to these self serving politicians- they have learnt to leverage the innocent trust of the restive people, to beguile them with their histrionics and claim to comprehend the pain of the common man, and for too long this tactic has been bought, hook line and sinker by the restive youth of the country.

Is Raisna Hill now India’s Tahrir Square? It is time for India’s youth to come out in every city and town in India and to create their own peoples movement and their own local Tahrir square?

I think the time for India’s Tahrir square is here and it is now!!