Do you call this a democracy?

Its  a Sunday in New Delhi, the capital of  India, the largest “democracy” in the world, and I woke up to dramatic visuals of spontaneous protests lead by the common people, whose pent up anger and angst erupted in a manner that took the para military forces by utter surprise.

The peaceful protesters who had camped in India Gate , keeping a candle light vigil throughout the night, were brutally ousted by the rampaging cops, who forcibly evicted the protesters from the venue- please note that the Indian constitution gives us , Indian citizens to protest peacefully !!

Within the early hours of the morning, news started filtering in that section-144 had been imposed across the national capital- this law forbids the collection of more than 4 people at one place at any time.

This gave the required nod to the force in the capital to unleash a crackdown on the protesters who by now had collected across numerous places in the national capital.

All this while , the President of the ruling congress party and her son, the “youth icon” of the country, were busy placating the representatives of the protesters who were called in to voice their demands….the end result….an impromptu press conference, where words like …we shall try….you have to understand the nature of democracy, it take time….we cannot amend law in a day….we cant do this,,…we cant do that….we shall TRY to get criminals tried immediately, however there are no definite timelines….

Protests are being organized across the country….news filtering in from Mumbai, Bangalore , Kolkotta all speak of people taking to he streets to voice their pent up anger…

Like one news channel is calling it,……its IRON WILL against IRON FIST!!

A crude attempt at muffling the voice of the people to sweep the rotten reality of the state of democracy in India is pathetic and needs to be openly discussed , not only in India but at the global stage.

Maybe Amnesty needs to take a closer look at this than cry fowl over how swiftly Chinese law deals with its criminals and rapists!

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