Are You a Closer? ….some key questions for introspection

Hi readers,

I was often asked by my sales team members – when did you know that you were adept at closing?

I pondered on this question that often stumped me and left me sort of tongue tied for the right words….and then after applying some analysis (that key skill that I apply when targeting a client) I came up with the following

  • #1: How would I rate myself as a closer?  In fact, you probably know, in your gut, whether you’re good a closing business.  A little self-honesty goes a long way when it comes to self-assessment.
  • #2: Am I cultivating the right attitude to close business on a daily basis?  Closing business is about laying the groundwork from the get-go.  If you’re not getting ready to close, you’re not a closer.
  • #3: Am I dependent upon high pressure sales techniques?  If you’re using trick closes and high pressure to try to get business, you’re not a closer, you’re a peddler.  Different thing entirely.
  • # 4: Have I ever delayed closing because I wanted to enjoy the fantasy of getting the business?  This is probably the most common debilitating behavior in sales.  If you’re doing it, stop.  Right now.
  • #5: What would it be worth to me if I could easily and simply close more business?  If you can still  visualize making more money and creating more success, you’re probably not at your peak.  Not yet.