What Constitutes Marketing Aptitude?

Hi readers,

This is another subject that my sales  team members would often take up for discussion during our Saturday meetings.

I based my assessment of marketing aptitude on my personal experience, inputs from peers who had impeccable record in marketing and by developing an understanding of the subject by observing my VP marketing at work.

According to me, the 9 key attributes that constitute marketing aptitude are

  1. Business and operational savvy. Visceral understanding of what constitutes business success, strong finance streak, capable of P&L responsibility and flawless execution.
  2. Passion for the product. Passion for every aspect of the product or service the company markets. Detailed knowledge of the competitive marketplace and what it takes to win.
  3. Big picture. Keen understanding of all the moving parts of the entire industry’s food chain, logistics, and infrastructure.
  4. Inspirational and insightful. A visionary capable of big insightful ideas, plus recognizing and inspiring them (and innovation) in others.
  5. Customer savvy. Passion and empathy for the customer relationship and the user experience.
  6. Promotion savvy. Intuitive understanding of what it takes to get above the noise, create a buzz, and build a brand. Detailed knowledge of all major promotion vehicles from grass roots to mass market.
  7. Communications skills. Adept at communicating vision, ideas, and emotions to a broad range of audiences from the board of directors and employees to customers and partners.
  8. Leadership skills. Capable of driving diverse groups of highly opinionated individuals to consensus and action.
  9. Left brain – right brain balance. Marketing intelligence combines the ability to think, reason, and act logically and methodically, with the ability to connect emotionally and inspirationally with one’s self and others.

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