The 5 points balanced star of a star sales rep

Hi Readers,

This blog takes my inputs on sales stars a notch higher…this is in the realm of the “soft” elements , or attributes that make up a star sales performer.

Just as good natural athletes can be developed to be great athletes, salespeople can be developed to be outstanding producers. But just as not all people can be turned into superstar athletes, some salespeople will be limited by their nature. They can be trained to overcome blind-spots, but not all can be developed to be sales superstars. Their nature ultimately comes into play.

The 5 key ‘soft” attributes that are the 5 points of a star that impact the future of a potential sales star , are

  • 1. Drivera self-starter. The best salespeople are those who need no outside motivation. They possess an inner drive that pushes them to limits beyond the common individual. Its not easily taught. Superstars are naturals here.
  • 2. Techniciantechnically self-sufficient. The ideal rep is knowledgeable about their products and the customers environment and problems. They are not simply sellers. They are like good customer-facing mechanics that understand how the engine works.
  • 3. Facilitatormanages one-to-one and one-to-many communications. An excellent rep can command a boardroom full of people and facilitate discussion appropriately. Its a developed skill that comes with experience, confidence and sensitivity.
  • 4. Empathizercan express identification with others. They genuinely can respond naturally to the stated situation of prospects, customers and their own internal team. This characteristic stems from a sensitive heart and the ability to effectively listen with compassion and empathy.
  • 5. Servanta humble and healthy sense of self. Ultimately a server of others, like a servant with a heart, caring for the other person before themselves. This characteristic really stems from their own security and strong sense of self. They are so comfortable with themselves that they don?t have to defend or fight, they actually can care and desire to serve the other side.

Please let me have your views on this blog and provide me with your feedback…

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