If you want to change your future….

Hi readers,

This goes out to all you people out on the street, protesting for the past 3 weeks against the pathetic excuse for governance that has been delivered to you by our rulers ( not leaders).

I have mentioned in my posts earlier that HOPE is your opium and will be your undoing!!


However I just read a very interesting article published by Ben Mangan- his article covers the legitimacy of using provocation to induce change in a slumbering society.

I quote Ben ” Being a provocateur is especially important if you work for a nonprofit or social venture. Every ounce of resource in a purely mission-based enterprise should be aligned with the impact we intend to have on the world. Asking why on a regular basis creates the kind of transparency that can keep mission creep at bay.”

I have a logical twist to what he has mentioned- instead of the context of  a non profit or a social venture, I address the countrywide protests across the country by men and women alike screaming for sweeping social change and real power for the people, by the people and of the people!! Isnt what we are protesting in India about a great social venture, a much needed societal and democratic change in our country which has been laid waste by our crass, uncouth, corrupt political class!!

I therefore encourage you all to read this artcle- the link is provided below for your reference..



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