The Talibanisation of India

All it took one heinous crime against a woman in the crime ridden streets of our capital in India, and overnight India has been Talibanized!!

If this isnt a master stroke , then what is!!

Politician after politician in India, from the Congress party, to the BJP, to the Samajwadi Party to quasi politcial outfits like the RSS has been desperate to provide their version of 21st century solutions to ensure that women in India are not raped by rapacious men prowling out streets with the police, the sacred cow, our bureaucracy, and our God sent politicians watching merrily by the wayside, with the best seats in the house.

Their “innovative” solutions for the women and little girls in our country, who are considered fair target by criminals of all hues and backgrounds ( including rapacious politicians) are the following

  • Let school going girls in CBSE school system, wear pants and shirts, OR salwar suits (brilliant idea from a politician from our “progressive” state of Rajasthan!)
  • Let girls and women wear OVER COATS, over and above their sarees and suits ( ingenious idea from a politician from Puducherry, a beautiful part of South India, with iconic French architecture, and an erstwhile French colony in India!)

Dont the 2 solutions mentioned above sort of remind of you of the diktat of the Talib when they took over Afghanistan some time back???

To me it does….and I cant help feeling Mullah Omar smirking and sniggering at this genius master stroke where they Talibanised India by simply encouraging a complacent, lethargic and morally and ethically corrupt political class to encourage crime in the country which led criminals to perpetrate that disgusting crime on that officialy un-named woman, who has been named as NIRBHAYA (meaning Fearless, for her spirited fight against her attackers and for fighting to live on)!

What Mullah Omar and his followers ( Islamic fundamentalists in Jammu and Kashmir, and elsewhere in India) could not do with the gun, the Indian politician, with his pathetic excuse for governance ( or is it ??) has been able to do within 65 years of Independence!!!

So please tell me…who is the real threat to the fabric of democracy in India?

Who is the Indian version of the Taliban in India?

Would love to hear your views and analysis on this blog and the subject- especially my readers from the US and EU!!

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