Why do you repeat the obvious Mr. Minister?

This morning Law Minister of India ,Ashwani Kumar is on the front pages stating that the Indian law is perceived as impotent.

He has simply stated the obvious and this certainly does not deserve first page treatment.

This has become and tried and tested strategy of our politicians over the past 65 years, to shirk from accountability and governance, by stretching non performance for as long as possible, and then when the pressure comes up to bursting point, come in the public domain ( TV, Print media) and put on a sorry, apologetic face, and state the obvious, which is

  • Laws, meant to help us deliver as per your ( the peoples) expectations are weak… ( I am a law maker, BUT i will do nothing to change the status quo and the law)
  • The bureaucrats and the bureaucracy dont deliver ( the buck stops with them and NOT with me…I am GOD send for the people of this country)
  • Compared to what we were in 1947, we have grown tremendously ( what did you expect, an over night change)…its the media that portrays us negatively…

The above is often bought , hook , line and sinker by the masses as genuine repentance by the politician and the political class, and we are all back to square one.

If we are so accepting of every public apology offered by the gutless politician in India, we are such a gullible people, then do we deserve change in the way we have been governed over the last 65 years? NO WE DONT deserve any change!!

There is no genuine remorse, no repentance among our political class and their underlings to bring about definite change, because that will mean disturbing their political empires, their carefully crafted apple cart, and who in the Indian political class would want to get off the gravy train?


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