How to Train Your Brain To Succeed at Sales!

Hi readers,

I have been blogging at length on the subject of sales management, selling skills, sales attitude AND also the struggle of the best of us in a global economy in the throes of recession…

It is very easy to become despondent in this scenario and to let the situation get the better of you…how ever if you have sales smarts, and above average EQ (Emotional Quotient) then you can certainly train yourself in these trying times to succeed!

Here are the five quickest way to get your brain in shape for a motivated attitude:

  1. Avoid negative thought patterns. Stop thinking in terms of “I can’t,” “It’s impossible,” or “This won’t work.” Negative thought patterns programs you for negative results. Instead think in terms of what you can accomplish and what will work.
  2. Emphatically express positive emotion. Never pass up an opportunity to express a positive feeling. For example, if someone asks “How are You?” respond enthusiastically with “Terrific!” or “Fabulous!” And then decide to feel that way.
  3. Don’t waste your mental energy. Worrying about things over which you have no control is the most useless of all human endeavors. Most news stories deal with issues that don’t affect your daily life. So spend your driving time listening to music or inspirational speeches.
  4. Stop griping about problems. What good does complaining about things do? It just depresses you and everyone else in the process. Focusing on what’s lousy about the economy, your company and your customers just sets you up for failure.
  5. Substitute neutral words to calm wayward emotions. For example, if you’re angry, rather than saying to yourself “I’m enraged!” say “I’m a bit annoyed…” or (better yet) “I’ve got a challenge here…”

Over time, using these techniques train your brain to reject the thoughts that keep you from being successful and strengthen the thoughts that make you motivated.

Turn Corporate Weaknesses into YOUR Selling Strengths!!

Hi readers,

These times are tough, and especially for those of us in Sales, more so.

Many of my friends have fallen victim to the reality of a tough market and when opportunity presented itself have joined start ups, newbie firms that perhaps do not have the brand strength of their former employers.

Well thats the reality you have to live with folks!

So what do you do? Do you wallow in self pity and let the situation get the better of you when you go out there to get your volume and revenue targets?

My take…use a weak corporate brand to your advantage and generate success!! here is how…

  • Weakness: Nobody has ever heard of my firm.
  • Strength: They can’t have negative pre-conceptions.


  • Weakness: We’ve only been in business a short time.
  • Strength: We’ve got something new and different to offer.


  • Weakness: We’re bloated with bureaucracy.
  • Strength: We have many people willing to help.


  • Weakness: We’re tiny, with only a handful of people.
  • Strength: We don’t have a bureaucracy to weigh us down.


  • Weakness: Our product is untested in the market.
  • Strength: In today’s world, innovation is priceless.


  • Weakness: Our product cost more than the competition’s.
  • Strength: We’re the best so we cost the most.

Break These 5 Habits! ..if you wanna sell more

Hi readers,

We are all creatures of habit….thats a given.

Problem is that some of our habits get in the way of our success and thats what we are talking about today.

I have always maintained that being cautiously optimistic and having a realistic expectation of the business outcome is key to ensure that you are respected in the sales reps fraternity and in your clientele club.

If you’re going to be successful in sales, you need to be the kind of person that draws other people to want to work with them.  With the exception of a few, most people want to work with people who have an upbeat and positive attitude.

Unfortunately, many people have sloppy habits of thinking and speaking that drain the energy of the people around them.  With that in mind, here are five quick techniques that will immediately improve your attitude in ways that will increase your ability to influence others and help sales reps sell more!

  • Technique #1: Stop using negative phrases such as “It’s impossible,” or “This won’t work,” which  program you for negative results.  Instead, substitute phrases like “That might be challenging” or “We’ll need some alternatives” that leave the possibility of eventual success open and available.


  • Technique #2: Whenever somebody asks “How are you?”, don’t come out with the something depressing like “Hangin’ in there” or “Same old, same old.”  Instead, respond enthusiastically with “Terrific!” or “Fabulous!” or “I’ve never felt better!”  Then make that your reality, too.


  • Technique #3: Stop complaining about things over which you have no control, such as the economy, your company, the customers, etc.  Focus on what you can change, what you can accomplish, and what you can do for your firm, your customers, and your customers’ customers.


  • Technique #4: Stop griping about your personal problems and illnesses. What good does it do other than to depress you and everyone else? Remember: this, too, shall pass. Do what you can to deal with your problems and then use your energy to keep yourself on track and in high spirits.


  • Technique #5: Substitute neutral words for emotionally loaded ones. For example, rather than saying “I’m enraged!” say “I’m a bit annoyed…” or (better yet) “I’ve got a real challenge…”  Neutral words keep your mind from getting into emotional feedback loops that keep you miserable.