Secret enemy number 3 of your success in sales …

Hi readers,

This is the 3rd part of my series…secret enemies of sales pros…

this follows part 1

and part 2

Any guesses on who this enemy is?

Hint- Marketing GURU, the next Philip Kotler ( aka MAD MAN !!)

  • Typical Job Titles: Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President of Marketing, Marketing Manager, etc.
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: He thinks that marketing “drives” sales or that sales is just the operative arm of a marketing campaign.
  • Why He’s Your Enemy: He adds to the cost of sales, but adds nothing of value to the sales process.
  • How He Screws You Up: He spends big money on product videos and brochures full of biz-blab that makes customers roll their eyes.

Since I have managed roles of sales head and CMO over the last 18 years, I can take liberty to paint marketing folks as villains!!


Secret enemy number 2 of your sales success ….

Hi there,

Just couldn’t pull myself away from the laptop to get this down to you folks…thought it best to keep the momentum going!

The second character who is our secret enemy number 2 is this guy we all know too well…

(Hint- he sits on our monthly expense reports)


  • Typical Job Titles: Chief Financial Officer, Chief Efficiency Officer, Head Accountant, etc.
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: Obsessive concern for saving money no matter how much it costs to do so.
  • Why He’s Your Enemy: He views sales is an expense rather than the core of the business.
  • How He Screws You Up: He devises rules and regulations that make it nearly impossible to sell.  Example: cutting travel budgets for reps covering the entire Eastern seaboard.
  • How To Cope With Him: Calmly point out the revenue and profit impact of the “cost savings.”  Be sure to have a spreadsheet to prove your point.
  • Warning: If you get frustrated, you’ll only encourage him.  He feels that if he’s not making you miserable, he’s not doing his job.

Secret enemy number 1 of your success in sales..

Hi readers,

I shall be writing about 5 people who are secret enemies of your success as a sales pro.

This should be quite an interesting read and I would welcome inputs from you on other enemies who impair our work in the field!!



  • Typical Job Titles: Chief Technical Officer, Head Engineer, Chief Programmer, etc.
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: He’s so proud of his technical achievement that he can’t imagine that a customer might not be automatically impressed.
  • Why He’s Your Enemy: He thinks that products sell themselves and therefore sales pros are parasites.
  • How He Screws You Up: When he meets customers, he does a memory dump of the internal product workings, and then treats them like idiots if they don’t understand what he’s talking about.
  • How To Cope With Him: Keep him away from your customers!!  If you can’t avoid such contact, prep up your customers ahead of time so that they don’t take him too seriously.
  • Warning: Will badmouth you mercilessly if you dare to question his technical opinions.

How was this for a start!