Secret enemy number 1 of your success in sales..

Hi readers,

I shall be writing about 5 people who are secret enemies of your success as a sales pro.

This should be quite an interesting read and I would welcome inputs from you on other enemies who impair our work in the field!!



  • Typical Job Titles: Chief Technical Officer, Head Engineer, Chief Programmer, etc.
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: He’s so proud of his technical achievement that he can’t imagine that a customer might not be automatically impressed.
  • Why He’s Your Enemy: He thinks that products sell themselves and therefore sales pros are parasites.
  • How He Screws You Up: When he meets customers, he does a memory dump of the internal product workings, and then treats them like idiots if they don’t understand what he’s talking about.
  • How To Cope With Him: Keep him away from your customers!!  If you can’t avoid such contact, prep up your customers ahead of time so that they don’t take him too seriously.
  • Warning: Will badmouth you mercilessly if you dare to question his technical opinions.

How was this for a start!

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