Secret enemy number 3 of your success in sales …

Hi readers,

This is the 3rd part of my series…secret enemies of sales pros…

this follows part 1

and part 2

Any guesses on who this enemy is?

Hint- Marketing GURU, the next Philip Kotler ( aka MAD MAN !!)

  • Typical Job Titles: Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President of Marketing, Marketing Manager, etc.
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: He thinks that marketing “drives” sales or that sales is just the operative arm of a marketing campaign.
  • Why He’s Your Enemy: He adds to the cost of sales, but adds nothing of value to the sales process.
  • How He Screws You Up: He spends big money on product videos and brochures full of biz-blab that makes customers roll their eyes.

Since I have managed roles of sales head and CMO over the last 18 years, I can take liberty to paint marketing folks as villains!!


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