Secret enemy number 4 of your success in Sales…

Hi guys,

This is the blog about our secret enemy number 4 that impedes our performance in sales..

This follows the blogs that detailed secret enemies number 1, number 2 and number 3…..

Do you remember the Charlie Chaplin classic, THE DICTATOR?

Well this guy is known as the Dictator in our secret enemy list, and is currently at number 4.

  • Typical Job Titles: Sales Manager, Chief Sales Officer, Vice President of Sales, etc.
  • Distinguishing Characteristic: He thinks that managing a sales team means controlling everything that they say and do, and that screaming for half an hour is “coaching.”
  • Why He’s Your Enemy: He creates a negative environment that makes it horribly difficult to sell.
  • How He Screws You Up: He goes on your sales calls, screws up your deals, and then blames you for the bad results.
  • How To Cope With Him: Stay away from the office as much as possible and keep him in the dark about the sales in your pipeline.
  • Warning: He may install a CRM system so he can check up on your daily activity.

Having spent 18 years in sales management, essaying roles of sales rep, sales executive, Regional Sales Head, National Sales Head….et al, I have had the privilege to work with the DICTATOR….

Personally found these Dictators to be very low on EQ, insecure in their assignments, and incapable to walking the talk. They invariably try to demonstrate “value” to the organization by bean -counting ( remember your expense report that got stuck some where), and micro managing every little detail of you and your team’s work!!


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