Of toady politicians and subservient public servants

Hi readers,

Today our media in India is chock full of 2 stories-

Story 1-

The BJP Ex-President, forced to relinquish his position that he wanted to latch on to ,till death did him part. He was forced out of office because of his poor management of cooked books in his companies, set up with slush funds- and obviously he is still smarting from the turn of events. Such is the arrogance of this character, that he had the audacity to go on national media to challenge the IT (Income tax) department officials to wrap up their investigations and provide their evidence to the courts in the next 6 months, failing which he promised to ” take them to task” after he comes back to power ( He has been gazing into his crystal ball for the past few days it seems!!)

This is a classic description of a TOADY INDIAN POLITICIAN!! (literally …just look at his pictures and you will understand what I am talking about!)

Story 2-

This is a story of a Commissioner of Police touching the feet of a politician in the state of UP!! For those of you in the US who wont understand what the fuss is all about…in India, touching feet of elders is a mark of respect; here the police officer is younger than the politician!! Now do you get it…this is the reality of our public servants , their inseparable relationship with their political masters, and their subservient , nepotistic attitude towards those in the seats of power in India.

This is our national shame, especially when another politician uses crappy logic to explain that there is nothing in our law ( or whatever thats left of it here in India) to prevent a “dutiful” , “respectful” police office to touch the feet of a “respected” politician , and that too in Uniform!!!

There you go folks…go figure where we are as a democracy after 65 years of rule by our political class!!


Top 5 Dirty Tricks Customers Play on Sales Reps- TRICK NUMBER 5

Hi readers,

This is the last in the series ” Top 5 Dirty Tricks Customers Play on Sales Reps”.

This one is a gem and a classic of the list of tricks that our customers play with us.

This one is not for the faint hearted folks!

DIRTY TRICK #5. The Last-Minute Discount.

  • Explanation: The customer demands for a steep discount after the price has already been defined.
  • Example: “There will be no deal unless you agree to drop the price 25 percent.”
  • Their Hidden Agenda: They’re checking to confirm that you’ve given them the best deal.
  • Your Strategy: Make it clear from the start that you are offering the best price possible.
  • What YOU Say: “I don’t play the games that some of my competitors play. You will always get the best price from me the first time around. If we need to remove something from the quote to meet your budget, we can certainly do that.”
  • What Will Happen: The prospect will back down from the demand, and you will get more respect from them in the future.
  • Warning: You ABSOLUTELY must be willing to walk away from the deal.

Simply put, be prepared to say an emphatic NO to such machinations by the customer- be polite when you do walk away so as not to burn bridges, because there is every chance that the customer will realize his folly and try to re start the process through back door perhaps…you would not want to miss the chance to nail the deal then, would you?