Do you think that before taking a marketing assignment, the manager needs to spend time in sales?

Hi guys,

This poll is being posted for assessment of 2 topics that I have touched upon in my blogs recently- these topics are

  1. What Every Manager Should Learn From Sales
  2. Top 10 Reasons Sales Hates Marketing

Your inputs will help me develop a much more balanced view point on this subject and to then translate this balance into harmony between sales and marketing functions in silo organization structures.

AND please do post your comments on this as well as other blogs that I have written on this subject- some of these may have been controversial, but its always good to have diverse points of view.

Actually with the diversity of all your view points, I gain much much more and get to learn a new thing every day.

This is part of my promise to my self that I will learn something every new day!!

4 thoughts on “Do you think that before taking a marketing assignment, the manager needs to spend time in sales?

  1. Sales and marketing can be considered as 2 sons of a same family. Both are supposed to bring good name to their parents but in reality both have different attitudes in life. When both these siblings works in tantum the family{organisation} feel proud and feel more benefited. Marketing sometimes show a Big brother attitude towards Sales while Sales feel Marketing is a illegal Son. The efforts of Marketing gives platform for Sales while Performances of Sales is what brings real cheer to family. Without stage no performance can be properly done and if performances fails, the meaning of a good stage doesnot even arise..
    When stage says the credit of performance should come to his exsistance, no performer like to share his glory. When the parents can recognise the efforts of both their children, many a family fight can be avoided.When siblings recognises that mutual respect can bring better name to each other and build better family name their name to get well accepted. Similarly may Sales and marketing compliment each other and bring better name to themselves and their family

    • Hi Santhosh

      Sincerely appreciate your comments and your view point…please do take out time to share my blogs with your team and friends and ask them to follow me and also to share their views on what I write…

      I will use your points to elaborate further on this subject..

      AND please feel free to use my blogs as teaching materials for your sales team…

  2. Dear Mr.Tandon – Times have changed and these days, you will see the ‘Youngistan” becoming the Head of India / APAC / SAARC etc in the marketing domain!

    Though there is nothing wrong in this observation, i personally feel that a good marketing person should have had a serious and strong stint in sales( cheery on the cake if he/she could also spend some time in Product management and R&D as well)

    No pun intended and/or no hard feelings, whatsoever!

    These gives them a strong holistic view of the entire value chain and they also tend to appreciate the (hard) work done by the sales team( national as well regional)…most importantly, the cliched and age old “disagreement” between sales and marketing also diminishes to a major extent !


    • Hi Joy,

      sorry about the poll not working for you, but delighted to know your viewpoint on this topic.

      I have a very strong sales background that goes way back- some 18 years, and when I did essay pure marketing roles, I realized that I was better placed to address the concerns of my sales team since I understood their perspective.

      This gave me a competitive edge over my contemporaries, who often struggled in similar roles…

      please do add to this and other blogs with your insights and thoughts!

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