What’s your Vantage Point


If you’re human, like me, from time to time you’re going to find yourself in those round-about, back and forth discussions that passionate people have. The kinds where you either release the hulk, or pray to God to help you keep him buried inside. God knows I’ve said that prayer a couple of times.

The truth is, I can be a rather emotional person – when I think my truth, my experiences and my time are being devalued and discredited. Like a warrior I take to the offense, fighting hard to defend my viewpoint. And why shouldn’t I? If I have lived through something, and witnessed it firsthand, no one should be able to discredit it – right? Wrong!

Have you ever watched Vantage Point? If you haven’t, then I recommend you do. Vantage Point, released in 2008, is a political action thriller film, which explored different eye…

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