The Top 20 Marketing Kitbag Essentials

The Top 20 Marketing Kitbag Essentials

The Financial Adviser Coach

by Tony Vidler

It would be fair to say that the majority of people in professional services are not marketing specialists.  Usually great technicians and specialist advisers, often great at selling and relationship management at an individual level.  Not so great at getting the marketing going though….

Whenever I talk at workshops or conferences about marketing, client engagement and building the professional services brand the question that invariably arises is “what do I need to have in my marketing mix?”

That could potentially be a very very long list, but here are the Marketing Kitbag Essentials:

  1.   A defined target market and client profile
  2.   A succinct Value Proposition & a Positioning Statement
  3.   Consistent brand imagery and logo’s
  4.   Your own name domain (e.g. – even if you aren’t sure where you will use it yet
  5.   Professional Business Card
  6.   Professional letterhead stationery
  7.   A…

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Why WhatsApp is Facebook’s key to mobile-first emerging markets

Why WhatsApp is Facebook’s key to mobile-first emerging markets


Although Facebook(s FB) has led a pretty charmed existence — swelling to more than a billion users by creating a social media product people around the world cannot live without —  the company doesn’t look so successful when it comes to mobile product development. Failed apps (Poke, Home), failed hardware (HTC First) and even failed iterations of Facebook itself (with years of stunted growth) have landed on and fallen off phones across the world.

On Wednesday, when Facebook announced its acquisition of messaging service WhatsApp for $16 billion, some wondered why Facebook would spend so much on a service it already has through its successful Messenger app — which, according to analyst Benedict Evans, has 56 million users as of last year — but a close look at Facebook’s strategy and limitations with mobile helps show how WhatsApp can not only continue to operate alongside Facebook…

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The Perfect Modern Suit For The Modern Man

Silhouette Trend

Have you ever wondered if your wearing your suit in a modern way? Do you even have the right suit? Shirt? Tie? Shoes? GQ magazine recently put out a style guide to help the regular man look his best and i have just summed it up in an info graphic for your easy use. This info graphic explains everything a man should know about wearing a suit in a modern way. Check it out. I have been approached recently whether I offer my styling services to men. The answer is yes and I will be sharing some styling tips for men as much as I do for women henceforth. Sit back and enjoy.


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It’s a baby girl!

The Espresso Addict

She was 27, and at home.

She stood in front of the mirror, naked. She looked at her breasts. This was the biggest they had ever been. But she knew that they were going to get bigger. She stared at herself for a long while before she ran her right hand across the entire area of her belly, from just above her abdomen, all the way down to its lower end. It looked bloated and the bump had begun to show through her clothes now. She was five months pregnant, and had just received her scans from her gynecologist. She had dreaded this moment would come right from when she turned into a teenager. And 15 years later, she still wasn’t prepared for it.

“You are going to have a healthy and beautiful baby girl. You just have to keep eating healthy, and get good sleep and sufficient exercise, just like…

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BlackBerry Z10 prices come crashing down to as low as $49

The steep price cut announced by BlackBerry today was foretold by my team at HULT Boston some 9 months back in our assessment ! As a loyal BlackBerry user for the past 8 years, it is sad to see a once iconic brand in its last throes, gasping for breath !!
This is was only inevitable since they chose to ignore loyal brand users, could not identify key opinion makers among the loyal consumers, and did not react at the required speed to competitors like Apple and Samsung.
May be , this is phase 1 of RIP BlackBerry….