Five Qualities for Climbing the Corporate Ladder

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This is one is coming after a long time since I was away on business travel ….

One of my colleagues at GramVaani technologies ( asked me…”Ashish, we are a startup now, but after some years we will definitely grow, and when that happens I would like to be prepared to climb the corporate ladder”

This set me thinking and I realized that many ambitious young professionals aspire to know how to get to the top and dont seem to have a clue.

This post is meant to answer some of the questions that you too might have on how to get to the top in a corporate.

Five Qualities for Climbing the Ladder to Success

  1. Flexibility. Willingness to change direction, do what it takes, let go of personal agenda, and swallow pride, all for the greater good and the overall health of the business. Also being a team player when it counts most. There’s a maturity factor, for sure. This is the trait that surprises people most.
  2. Honesty. Courage to look people – especially customers and authority figures – straight in the eye and tell them the genuine truth, regardless of consequences. Telling the story straight without sugar-coating bad news. “Yes men” are toxic to companies. Ethics and morality are related.
  3. Leadership. This is not as complex or subjective as you might think. Leadership is the ability to encourage people to follow you, especially when they don’t have to. It also enables executives to drive consensus, or pull a diverse group together, united behind common goals, strategies and plans.
  4. Accountability. Willingness to take responsibility, own a problem, and be held accountable over the long haul, regardless of the risk. Maturity to take it on the chin without pointing fingers and wasting time on CYA activity. Stickwithitness and loyalty are related.
  5. Intelligence. Anybody who denies this is full of it. Everything else can be learned, but not this. Forget old notions of book smart versus street smart. You have to be both. Ability to rapidly digest and analyze information, reason, solve complex problems, and make critical decisions.

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