What is political conspiracy after all in India?

This goes out to all thinking men and women, those who are citizens of democracies, and also those who live in authoritarian regimes….this goes out to believers and atheistic alike….BUT most important it goes out to all those who are aware of basic human rights , its definition and the accountability of   people who are the helm of affairs, who are expected to protect and abide by the tenets of basic human rights.

I would like to begin with a little preamble – ever since I was little; must have been about 7 when my father, a senior Major in the Indian Army, introduced me to reading the newspaper on a regular basis. Since I had recently discovered the joys of reading at school, reading about interesting events , other than prose from William Shakespeare and poems by Robert Frost, was very welcome.

What has singularly stuck in my mind, through all those years of reading our newspapers has been a cliched statement made by our political class, whenever an criminal indictment was imminent, either by the judiciary, by the political opposition or by the thinking public. The phrase “its a political conspiracy to malign me” has reached sickening proportions today.

Circa 2013….

  • A sitting woman MP of the Congress Party gets aggressive at the press for inquiring from her about the whereabouts of her rapist husband , who is absconding from the law for the last 15 months and screams …”this is a political conspiracy!!!” ( AND May I mention, that her party does nothing to ensure sanctity of her seat by asking her to leave for protecting her rapist husband!!)
  • The chief minister of the state of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, goes berserk on the media, when they ask her about the increase in number of assault and rape cases in the state, after she took office. She screams hysterically …” Its apolitical conspiracy!!” (Does that ring a bell now…???)
  • PJ Kurien, Deputy Chairman of our temple of democracy, the Higher house of our parliament, has been named by a young woman as one of 40 men who raped her while she was forcibly held in custody, in 1997. Despite nation wide protest by women groups, despite the heart rending testimony of the victim, who has fought a court battle against this slimy politician for 15 years, this “upholder” of our democratic values, this “law maker” , is refusing to give up his seat , citing ….what else…”it is a political conspiracy!!!!” ( AND the congress party is still contemplating what to do next, …at the same claiming to represent the mass of people in India???)

NOW as A COMMONER in India…my open question to the ENTIRE POLITICAL CLASS IS…


Now I dare you all to say….that when I confront you with this one example of a REAL POLITICAL CONSPIRACY…..This citation itself is a Political Conspiracy!!!

Your thoughts please…..

Finally…a bureaucrat with courage of conviction in India !!!

Hi readers,

This goes out to all Indians, in India, or across the globe to stand up and give a standing ovation to Vinod Rai, Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

Just heard the breaking news on national TV about his address to students at Harvard and his courage of conviction to maintain the independence of the office of the CAG against the attempts of the political class to use power, subservient institutions like the bureaucracy and as a last resort, crass cheap politicking of the gutter variety!

When the office of CAG, led by Vinod Rai exposed the $ 20 Billion 2-G spectrum auction scam, the political class was numbed into deafening silence, which resounded across the country, and definitely within the global investor community- these poor investors from US and the EU lost their deposits and shirts, because of the back room scheming of our political class…

Round 2 of the 2 -G spectrum , in a battered global economy, yielded below par results, AND the political class went after Vinod Rai with hammer and tongs, insinuating that he did not know his numbers!! Clearly a case of sleazy politics managed by the spin doctors of the ruling political class….It was a delight to see Vinod maintain his poise in the face of this daily provocation and needling!

His candor and conviction has been amply demonstrated today during his address at  Harvard!

While the Indian, shameless ( look at KALMADI and Bhanot), political class would be perhaps squirming in their high chairs, it is time for the largely subservient bureaucracy in our  country to demonstrate ample courage of conviction and take on the hideously corrupt political class in our country and leverage an awakening judiciary to take on these pretenders , who claim to be chosen representatives of our democracy.

It may be fair for me to call on the DM of Murshidabad to start this initiative by taking the Congress MLA into custody, who led lumpen, criminal elements into his residence and office compound in a “fit” of democratic protest!!

Priceless Contribution of our Political class- Home grown Cultural Terrorism…

Hi readers,

What have we as a nation come to after 65 years of our independence because of the rule of our political class.

You will note that I say “RULE” and not ” GOVERNANCE”, because that is the sad truth…we as a people, have NOT BEEN GOVERNED by leaders and nation builders, BUT ruled by a political class that has matured into the proverbial man eating Tiger that is feeding itself on its people!!

We have achieved such depths in our development as a nation, that the so called “Freedom of expression” , supposedly enshrined in our “DEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTION”  has been relegated to a misnomer and a mere joke.

The first case of purging of freedom of expression came about a week back, when Kamal Hasan’s magnum opus, Vishwaroopam was taken off Cinema halls because a handful of Muslim minority fundamentalist, illiterates protested against the “anti Islam” content of the Film, and the state Government quickly banned the film as a reaction!! Kamal Hassan has been reduced to a shambles in less than a week, harried from pillar to post, to seek revocation of the ban and to release his film in the country!! All the while the political class is on national media , justifying their actions ( justifying also that the freedom of expression in our constitution comes with a caveat!!) in the name of preserving rule of law, preserving peace AND mollifying the anger of the minority ( muslim) community!!


The second case unraveled today- Salman Rushdie, the celebrated author who was in India till a few hours back, was warned by the West Bengal Government not to enter the state!! Please note- I said, he was warned  and NOT ADVISED…he was warned that if he traveled to the state, he would be arrested on the spot in order to maintain  law and order in the state ( because fringe , fundamentalist, illiterate, muslim groups were protesting on the streets of Kolkata, and their illogical voice has drowned the tenets of our DEMOCRACY!!). So Salman Rushdie just made a very relevant point as he prepared to board a flight back to the US- he said ” There is a cultural terrorism prevalent in the country…this is a sad reflection of India today”.

He could not have nailed it better!!!

Thanks to our spineless, loathsome political class, we have indeed been transformed into a GLORIFIED BANANA REPUBLIC in 65 years after independence!!

India’s African heritage!


In 2009 December I watched  a folk dance festival in Goa.

Again, as the rest of my life has been, it was just by chance that I strolled in to the grounds of Kala Academy one sunset and found it set up with a stage for performances and chairs for the audience. The festival ran for a few days – and so I decided to go back the next day with the camera.

There I took pictures of Sikkimese dancers, The spectacular Ramayana Chabua dancers of Bihar and the world renowned (which I came to know later) Manganiar singers of Rajasthan. And for a few closeups I went backstage.

And I was nothing short of startled!

A group of young African boys were preparing to perform. Peacock feather skirts, Peacock feather hats and indigo dyed fabric sashes across their bare chests. One boy was applying face paint on the other…

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Priceless Contribution of our political class- fundamentalists in a secular democracy!

This goes out to all enlightened Indians, across the globe, and definitely in India.

I hope that these series that I propose to write regularly as the contribution of our political class will become a platform for serious debate on what has really transpired under the guise of “parliamentary democracy” for the past 65 years.

These thoughts in these blogs are also meant to highlight the reality of the Indian democratic system and its evolution ( de-generation) over the past 65 years.

Thoughts, inputs, and ideas are very welcome, obviously.

Today Kamal Hassan made a heart rending appeal to his fans and the common man , demonstrating his utter helplessness to fight a political heavy , and skewed system, that will not even listen to independent thought leaders, and will use power to buttress power brokers, and illiterate voting populations ( ever heard of the VOTE BANK…if you haven’t , it exists in India, and has been nurtured for the past 65 years by the political class by keeping these voting banks, illiterate, un-educated and on the fringes of poverty and deprivation…cool strategy hunh!!)

His latest movie, VISHWAROOPAM, has been embroiled in controversy, which was ostensibly started by a fringe Muslim group, protesting the depiction of terrorists as being from the Muslim faith!! This was ably fanned by political class of ALL hues!!

Now the question you must ask, is why did ALL political parties start supporting the muslim protesters–……well, didn’t I just tell you about voting banks!! NONE of these political leeches, would wanna fritter away the opportunity to get the muslim vote now ..isnt it ?

So here is this artist, who should have freedom of expression of interest under our “democratic” constitution and institutions, BUT has to run around the courts of the land to scree his film, whose future has been hijacked by a few protesting muslims, supported by the political class, who have kept these muslims illiterate for the past 65 years, and the muslims dont even realize who is to blame for their pathetic situation, and are therefore for lack of any substantial cause in life, take to the street, at the behest of their equally illiterate, uneducated leaders to protest an assault on their religion!!!

Is this convoluted or what!!

Has not this country not been converted to a dignified banana republic in a matter of 65 years , and its potential quashed by the political class through the following INITIATIVES… (Yes folks ..the following are the ONLY INITIATIVES that the political class have been serious about , since taking our rule from the British and ruling this country..)

  • Siphoning off tax payers money into overseas accounts.
  • Converting money laundering ( tax payers and bribe money) into an art and a science ( Mafia , eat your heart out, come to the academy of the Indian political class, and they will teach you tricks you didnt even know existed )
  • Using graft and bribe money to buy into vote banks- over and over and over again, till death did them part from their office!
  • Dodging responsibility by converting “passing the buck” to an art and a science- slippery as an eel has a different level in India and for the political class.
  • Turning QUID PRO QUO to an art and science- One political party uses state instruments, which are supposed to be independent, as gatherers of dirty secrets on political opponents, and leveraged to ensure that their very own dirty secrets are never revealed by their opponents, should they come to power in the veneer of our democratic institutions!! So all these political parties, the political class know each other dirtiest of secrets and make for a perfect understanding under classic quid pro quo terms!!

While the political class has ensured its continuity into geriatric politics, they have deliberately done nothing about investing in educating the teeming uneducated masses, that remain uneducated, illiterate to the day. This has proven beneficial to them in many ways, most notably these illiterates have lost the faculty to think rationally and analyze logically, laying them open to emotional and casteist exploitation by the political class over 65 years….the nest result, ready to use, ready made , illiterate , fundamentalists in our secular democracy!!

If there ever was a strategy that worked for you this would be it !! Kudos to our Indian political class!!


Of toady politicians and subservient public servants

Hi readers,

Today our media in India is chock full of 2 stories-

Story 1-

The BJP Ex-President, forced to relinquish his position that he wanted to latch on to ,till death did him part. He was forced out of office because of his poor management of cooked books in his companies, set up with slush funds- and obviously he is still smarting from the turn of events. Such is the arrogance of this character, that he had the audacity to go on national media to challenge the IT (Income tax) department officials to wrap up their investigations and provide their evidence to the courts in the next 6 months, failing which he promised to ” take them to task” after he comes back to power ( He has been gazing into his crystal ball for the past few days it seems!!)

This is a classic description of a TOADY INDIAN POLITICIAN!! (literally …just look at his pictures and you will understand what I am talking about!)

Story 2-

This is a story of a Commissioner of Police touching the feet of a politician in the state of UP!! For those of you in the US who wont understand what the fuss is all about…in India, touching feet of elders is a mark of respect; here the police officer is younger than the politician!! Now do you get it…this is the reality of our public servants , their inseparable relationship with their political masters, and their subservient , nepotistic attitude towards those in the seats of power in India.

This is our national shame, especially when another politician uses crappy logic to explain that there is nothing in our law ( or whatever thats left of it here in India) to prevent a “dutiful” , “respectful” police office to touch the feet of a “respected” politician , and that too in Uniform!!!

There you go folks…go figure where we are as a democracy after 65 years of rule by our political class!!


Does the world community see us as an emerging power?

Hi readers,

I read about the request made by the Government of India to extradite Headley, the LeT terrorist to India for trial, and it was turned down.

Am I surprised, ….no.

This is what I expected the US government , OR any other government to do , in their right mind.

The Indian government probably had some hope of extradition from governments that are classified right along  their like- which is qualified BANANA REPUBLIC.

This bit of news has forced me to write again on the subject,  of India’s rightful place in the league of nations, and the dream state that the rules ( NOT Leaders) of India have been for the past 65 years, and especially over the time that we have “reformed” the economy!!!

Now lets analyze the reality of our nation today.

Our political class are experts at selling, presumed greatness of our nation, based on the polite references to our greatness by economic powers of the developed world.

This presumption of our greatness is often based on our being “the worlds largest democracy”- meaning that in a nation of 1.2 billion, by some stroke of luck, the 50% of our illiterate, oppressed people, accept their lot in life, accept poor governance as god send, accept rulers as leaders, AND  yet have never risen up in open revolt against a political class that has not delivered in 65 years!!

These oppressed people dont possess the analytical skills to even contemplate that there could be other choices, apart from voting for casteist, no performing, criminals who call themselves messiahs of these people who they wish to exploit, and have been exploiting over the past 65 years!! So these poor wretches vote for these same non performing criminals, over and over and over again, for generations, as if in limbo. Funny thing is that this practice of voting for one criminal politician runs into generations, where the son takes over from the father and continues to perpetrate a dynasty!!

Just because we are able to manage democratic elections, in a country beset with serious development issues ( actually non development issues), with obvious, glaring disparities, we get a polite ear with the real democracies of the west and this gives our political system ( and most important the criminal political class) the legitimacy to sit among the league of nations.

I can totally understand where my American friends would be  coming from- the Americans are very polite ( polite to a fault , I would say), and this politeness serves them well. 

However, our political class, made up of crass, morally corrupt politician, coming from a high context culture, aspiring to lead India as  the next United States,  buy into the politeness of the western democracies ( they are desperate to buy into that!!, please note this ), and translate that as their triumph as a “great” nation to the  the millions of uneducated hopefuls in India. 

Remember , in my earlier blogs , I did mention that HOPE has become the opium of the Indian masses, and this has been very efficiently exploited by the political class and its public services system, that serves the political classes, and not the masses, at it was meant to be in the first place.

So to answer the main question- Does the world community see us as an emerging power? 

the answer is an EMPHATIC NO! Nyet!! Not happening!!

We are seen for who we really are, a glorified , BANANA REPUBLIC, ruled ( not lead, or managed ) by loathsome, sleazy, daft BUT self serving politicians, who will comfortably exploit the pacifist DNA and the HOPE ( Opium of the Indian masses) to their advantage, and in reality get clobbered in the real world.


And oh yes…lest we forget, the Indian justice system is a joke- if we take $ 10 million to try a terrorist like Kasab on taxpayers money, and then finally hang him ….the Americans know that giving Headley to the Indians, would probably mean that either he will escape from the Police Van, or he will be exchanged for a hostage, or one of our Indian muslim ministers will ask for clemency in the name of islam, or the ruling “secular” party will plead for his clemency!!

So..is India an emerging power, GO FIGURE!!

NOTE- After the brutal gang rape of that brave heart girl in Decemebr 2012, we are already in justice loop hole territory, with suspects asking for re-trials because they are “innocent” juveniles, police alluding to “rule of law” etc etc….do you still have faith in our useless justice system? and should the world community have any faith as well??

Why do we have mobs on the streets of India?

Pawan Bansal, Minister for Railways for the Govt. of India has said last night on national TV that the protesting men and women on India’s streets are an indication of our country turning from a “DEMOCRACY” to a MOBOCRACY!!

He may have been right there with this comment…perhaps I agree with him because I see many similarities between what is happening in this country and what happened during the last years of the Roman empire, which incidentally started off as a democracy.

So lets examine the similarities between the roman empire and India , today.

The similarities

  • The ROMAN EMPIRE= Indian union
  • Roman senate= Indian Parliament
  • Roman emperor= Indian PM

In times of chaos in the country, the Roman rulers, the Roman emperor were known to distract the restive populations in their vast regions by organizing Gladiator games or going to war. They had their own list of specialist “mob managers” who steered public opinion away from the topics that would ignite passions, to avenues that would dull their aggression and create a different kind of mob that would forget the mis-governance of their rulers.

In our times today, our neo – rulers, the political class in India distract the restive population in India, by using their professional spin doctors, who have turned their craft into an art form. They will use the stick ( police) and carrot (false platitudes, public appeal) to calm frayed nerves and tempers, and when that is about to cool down, publicly disown the protesters as a mob , meaning that the people on the street had no legitimacy in the first place to be on the streets to protest against a non existent government.

If the roman emperors had their Gladiator games as a distraction for their mob, the Indian political class use the following as red herrings and distractions to way lay the suffering protesters in India

  • Democracy is a consensus driven system- ensuring consensus of ALL stakeholders takes time ( in order to drive consensus , being a TRUE BLUE DEMOCRACY, we dont give any time limits of discussions and conclusions, thats our greatness compared to other democracies , like the UK or the US)
  • Your issue is nothing compared to other pressing issues- like Naxalite terror, Islamic terror, ( well my question is , who is responsible for creating these disparities in our democracy, in our social fabric, which is supposed to be based on equality….to create these disgruntled groups in the first place??), so you dont deserve a hearing
  • National security is at stake…we have potent threats from Pakistan…daily rape and pillage and corruption in the country in NOTHING compared to the national borders and maintaining its sanctity ( Really- when you add up crime against women, criminals in politics, corruption in public offices, graft and stack that against national security threat from Pakistan, I figure that the former far out weighs the latter which our Govt. has been touting as the most potent threat to our country!!!)

Well the above are just 3 examples of how the creative spin doctors in our political class have hood winked the masses in this country and will continue to do so.

If our political class have any sense of the simmering rage within the youth ( well technically, urban youth) and have read their history ( especially about the last days of the roman empire) they better sit up and take notice, and get their act together, because if they dont, they will have in fact been instrumental in turning our democracy ( for whatever its worth) into an actual mobocracy.

And when the mob takes to the streets, ( as they did in Rome) we know how that pans out!!

Saga of Godmen, Guile and Guilt

It is pathetic to watch the self proclaimed god man and spiritual leader , Asa Ram Bapu addressing his flock of followers, 50% women, and speaking utter crap against women and their rights in India, with his women congregation listening to every word of his in rapt attention- absorbing each and every word , every syllable of his, as if they were pearls of wisdom from GOD himself!!!

You have to wonder whether these women in the congregation even comprehend the meaning of what Asa Ram is saying with such conviction??

Do they even understand what Asa Ram means when he says that a rape victim is to blame for the crime if she does not invoke the name of GOD in front of her rapists and does not plead with them to spare her????!!!!

The implication of this self proclaimed god man’s utterances and the enormity of what he says, so nonchalant , will make any sane , educated man numb!

What is even more bewildering is the dazed, almost hypnotized look on the women in the congregation- to be able to get an entire congregation in such a state at one go , seems nothing short of a miracle.

Isnt it a miracle that this congregation of women are simply rooted to their seats, listening in rapt attention to the non sense being uttered so effortlessly by this self proclaimed holy man and absorbing that as verse from GOD.

As a saNe logical, educated individual, it is easy to see that this is  nothing short of a grand exercise in successfully beguiling an entire audience of targeted followers, by leveraging their illiteracy, ignorance, lack of education, economic and socially repressive backgrounds to lead them into a state of collective trance, where the entire congregation loses its capacity to think logically, and act appropriately!! TOUCH DOWN!!!

Do you really expect these women to come out into the streets to protest and demand their rightful and equal place in our society??

NOT IN A MILLION YEARS going by the realistic state of the country, its weak constitution and its corrupted , defiled democratic institutions AND an entire population of people , deliberately kept illiterate for 65 years.

NOW the next logical question would be..is there a sense of guilt in our leaders ( rulers, may I correct), the political class ( de facto, neo royalty in India), the godmen and spiritual leaders ( HOPE sales men), and wanna be politicians ( criminals, trying to get legit)???


Face it people, your future is doomed under this political class and its underlings!!!

A country divided

The Indian political class has managed to shame the British at their own divisive politics.

The British were rightly accused of driving a wedge between the Muslims and Hindu populations of undivided India thus leading to the partition of the country in 1947…..BUT…

OUR Political class, that has reigned with impunity for the past 65 years has gone miles ahead in diving this “MODERN DEMOCRACY” of ours RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE!!

Our political class has NOT ONLY driven wedges between the Muslims and Hindus ( and other religions within the country), BUT ALSO between castes, sub -castes, sexes, educated and the illiterate with such finesse, that its almost like an art and a science beautifully amalgamated together!!!

Now lets analyze how the numbers stack up in this divisive scenario that is India’s reality today and see what results we can come up with …..

On SIDE 1 are the following set of people with a description of their support base

  • Self proclaimed God men- with a following base composed of largely, ignorant, illiterate, pathetic souls whose opium is religion ( just as Lenin and Marx proclaimed almost 100 years back!!) and ALSO Hope!! (Dont say I never mentioned that one earlier in my blogs!!)
  • Quasi God men/Religious teachers/ wanna be small time politicians- with a following composed of largely, poor educated men and women, un employed , disgruntled youth, with no purpose in life ( who obviously are moving along in life, listless, hopeless) 
  • Career politicians…The Political class- with a mass following comprising ignorant, illiterate, woefully poor ( and desperate), caste divided, unemployed population living on a prayer ( now do you get the god man angel??) and hope ( now do you get the role of the politician as the proverbial pied piper, played to perfection over 65 years!!!)

The above set of folks derive their security from the police paraphernalia, get their dirty jobs done ( willingly or unwillingly) from the bureaucracy and get their sanctity to sit in our parliament by quoting the GOD GIVEN rights in our constitution and reeling out number of votes given to them by illiterate,desperate and easily misguided voters!! AND the demographics of this vote bank is 70% of our voting population!!!

NOW lets see the other side…..

One SIDE 2 are the following set of people with the description of their support base

  • Self righteous wanna be leaders with a social conscience – with a support base comprised of educated, literate, aware men and women ( aware of their rights under the Indian constitution)
  • People who are fed up of the nonsense served to them in the name of democracy and who wish to change the system ( and do not aspire to become politicians)-with a support base comprised of educated, literate, aware men and women ( aware of their rights under the Indian constitution)

These folks have no real sense of security from the police that is meant to serve them ( the people , remember), but instead serves the political class ( for crumbs that they might get from the loot..now do you see quid pro quo???), these folks cannot hope for ANY work of theirs to be done by the bureaucracy ( remember the bureaucrats serve their political masters, and they cannot take on the politicians) and since these folks are part time , wanna be leaders, who cannot rabble rouse, cannot stoop as low as our lowly , spineless, shameless, political class, they DONT HAVE A HOPE IN HELL to be voted into power by the mass voters ( remember- illiterate,desperate and easily misguided voters), because these mass vote banks belong to the de facto political class ( remember the sleazy, rapist politician who has the right to sit in out parliament!!). The only people who would ever vote for these folks, if they ever, seriously considered to enter the election fray would be educated, literate, aware men and women, who comprise ONLY 30% of the total voting eligible population!!

Well you decide, who would win in a face off…the Political class led, god men, quasi god men, and local politicians ( thugs) OR the socially aware, globally aware, educated, self righteous, reformer??

I rest my case- its 70 for the Political class, and 30 to the protester in the street today.

Protesters, your voice will crack in hoarseness…its only a matter of a few days; the Politician and the political class would have played out the tear jerk er to perfection, and they will have eventually worn you all out because the math that I explained to you all in this blog in known to them and their spin doctors- they are playing you, and will continue to play you !!!

Think strategically, think analytically, think about your audience and you will get around this game of intrigue and machination being played out, right in front of your eyes!!

All the best…….