A country divided

The Indian political class has managed to shame the British at their own divisive politics.

The British were rightly accused of driving a wedge between the Muslims and Hindu populations of undivided India thus leading to the partition of the country in 1947…..BUT…

OUR Political class, that has reigned with impunity for the past 65 years has gone miles ahead in diving this “MODERN DEMOCRACY” of ours RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE!!

Our political class has NOT ONLY driven wedges between the Muslims and Hindus ( and other religions within the country), BUT ALSO between castes, sub -castes, sexes, educated and the illiterate with such finesse, that its almost like an art and a science beautifully amalgamated together!!!

Now lets analyze how the numbers stack up in this divisive scenario that is India’s reality today and see what results we can come up with …..

On SIDE 1 are the following set of people with a description of their support base

  • Self proclaimed God men- with a following base composed of largely, ignorant, illiterate, pathetic souls whose opium is religion ( just as Lenin and Marx proclaimed almost 100 years back!!) and ALSO Hope!! (Dont say I never mentioned that one earlier in my blogs!!)
  • Quasi God men/Religious teachers/ wanna be small time politicians- with a following composed of largely, poor educated men and women, un employed , disgruntled youth, with no purpose in life ( who obviously are moving along in life, listless, hopeless) 
  • Career politicians…The Political class- with a mass following comprising ignorant, illiterate, woefully poor ( and desperate), caste divided, unemployed population living on a prayer ( now do you get the god man angel??) and hope ( now do you get the role of the politician as the proverbial pied piper, played to perfection over 65 years!!!)

The above set of folks derive their security from the police paraphernalia, get their dirty jobs done ( willingly or unwillingly) from the bureaucracy and get their sanctity to sit in our parliament by quoting the GOD GIVEN rights in our constitution and reeling out number of votes given to them by illiterate,desperate and easily misguided voters!! AND the demographics of this vote bank is 70% of our voting population!!!

NOW lets see the other side…..

One SIDE 2 are the following set of people with the description of their support base

  • Self righteous wanna be leaders with a social conscience – with a support base comprised of educated, literate, aware men and women ( aware of their rights under the Indian constitution)
  • People who are fed up of the nonsense served to them in the name of democracy and who wish to change the system ( and do not aspire to become politicians)-with a support base comprised of educated, literate, aware men and women ( aware of their rights under the Indian constitution)

These folks have no real sense of security from the police that is meant to serve them ( the people , remember), but instead serves the political class ( for crumbs that they might get from the loot..now do you see quid pro quo???), these folks cannot hope for ANY work of theirs to be done by the bureaucracy ( remember the bureaucrats serve their political masters, and they cannot take on the politicians) and since these folks are part time , wanna be leaders, who cannot rabble rouse, cannot stoop as low as our lowly , spineless, shameless, political class, they DONT HAVE A HOPE IN HELL to be voted into power by the mass voters ( remember- illiterate,desperate and easily misguided voters), because these mass vote banks belong to the de facto political class ( remember the sleazy, rapist politician who has the right to sit in out parliament!!). The only people who would ever vote for these folks, if they ever, seriously considered to enter the election fray would be educated, literate, aware men and women, who comprise ONLY 30% of the total voting eligible population!!

Well you decide, who would win in a face off…the Political class led, god men, quasi god men, and local politicians ( thugs) OR the socially aware, globally aware, educated, self righteous, reformer??

I rest my case- its 70 for the Political class, and 30 to the protester in the street today.

Protesters, your voice will crack in hoarseness…its only a matter of a few days; the Politician and the political class would have played out the tear jerk er to perfection, and they will have eventually worn you all out because the math that I explained to you all in this blog in known to them and their spin doctors- they are playing you, and will continue to play you !!!

Think strategically, think analytically, think about your audience and you will get around this game of intrigue and machination being played out, right in front of your eyes!!

All the best…….