Top 5 Dirty Tricks Customers Play on Sales Reps- TRICK NUMBER 3

Hi members of the sales fraternity,

Trick number 3 that customers play on us poor folk!

Remember the time when you built up your relationship across the organization, managed each gate keeper, got the indentor in your good books, wined and dined with the C-suite, only to be told that the CRUCIAL meeting has been deferred to some 5 weeks after it was scheduled to be !!!

It guts you doesn’ t it ? Here you were going on about meeting your budget this month, and hey, all of a sudden the customer took the earth from beneath your feet!! OUCH!!

So lets understand this trick…

DIRTY TRICK #3: The Delayed Meeting

  • Explanation: Long and unnecessary gaps suddenly open in the sales cycle.
  • Example: “We can’t meet on Friday to discuss this; how about next month?”
  • Their Hidden Agenda: Same as #2.  They’re trying to scare you into thinking you’ll lose the deal so that you’ll offer more concessions.
  • Your Basic Strategy: Surface some negative consequences of delaying the sale.
  • What YOU Say: “Happy to meet then.  However, I should let you know that our prices will be rising next month, so if you’re at all interested in moving forward, we might want to meet a bit earlier.”
  • What Will Happen: If it’s just a trick (and there are no budget problems), the key meetings will be moved forward.
  • Warning: The customer may be having problems working internal budget issues.

Personally I think the best strategy under these circumstances is that you display tremendous level of EQ, refrain from reacting or exhibiting any emotion that gives away your vulnerability to the client, and go back to the drawing board, get your boss or your mentor on to the situation, ideate and think the situation through and re-visit this with the client, as calmly as possible, providing clear pros and cons of this decision.

Ensure that without ruffling feathers, you drive home the point, that the decision to postpone the meeting was the client’s , and therefore the consequences of the deal ( re-negotiate the terms that have been discussed and agreed in principle before the re-scheduling of the meeting) will be borne by the client.

Be transparent, be absolutely analytic in your assessment and you will been served well…all the best!