Why do we have mobs on the streets of India?

Pawan Bansal, Minister for Railways for the Govt. of India has said last night on national TV that the protesting men and women on India’s streets are an indication of our country turning from a “DEMOCRACY” to a MOBOCRACY!!

He may have been right there with this comment…perhaps I agree with him because I see many similarities between what is happening in this country and what happened during the last years of the Roman empire, which incidentally started off as a democracy.

So lets examine the similarities between the roman empire and India , today.

The similarities

  • The ROMAN EMPIRE= Indian union
  • Roman senate= Indian Parliament
  • Roman emperor= Indian PM

In times of chaos in the country, the Roman rulers, the Roman emperor were known to distract the restive populations in their vast regions by organizing Gladiator games or going to war. They had their own list of specialist “mob managers” who steered public opinion away from the topics that would ignite passions, to avenues that would dull their aggression and create a different kind of mob that would forget the mis-governance of their rulers.

In our times today, our neo – rulers, the political class in India distract the restive population in India, by using their professional spin doctors, who have turned their craft into an art form. They will use the stick ( police) and carrot (false platitudes, public appeal) to calm frayed nerves and tempers, and when that is about to cool down, publicly disown the protesters as a mob , meaning that the people on the street had no legitimacy in the first place to be on the streets to protest against a non existent government.

If the roman emperors had their Gladiator games as a distraction for their mob, the Indian political class use the following as red herrings and distractions to way lay the suffering protesters in India

  • Democracy is a consensus driven system- ensuring consensus of ALL stakeholders takes time ( in order to drive consensus , being a TRUE BLUE DEMOCRACY, we dont give any time limits of discussions and conclusions, thats our greatness compared to other democracies , like the UK or the US)
  • Your issue is nothing compared to other pressing issues- like Naxalite terror, Islamic terror, ( well my question is , who is responsible for creating these disparities in our democracy, in our social fabric, which is supposed to be based on equality….to create these disgruntled groups in the first place??), so you dont deserve a hearing
  • National security is at stake…we have potent threats from Pakistan…daily rape and pillage and corruption in the country in NOTHING compared to the national borders and maintaining its sanctity ( Really- when you add up crime against women, criminals in politics, corruption in public offices, graft and stack that against national security threat from Pakistan, I figure that the former far out weighs the latter which our Govt. has been touting as the most potent threat to our country!!!)

Well the above are just 3 examples of how the creative spin doctors in our political class have hood winked the masses in this country and will continue to do so.

If our political class have any sense of the simmering rage within the youth ( well technically, urban youth) and have read their history ( especially about the last days of the roman empire) they better sit up and take notice, and get their act together, because if they dont, they will have in fact been instrumental in turning our democracy ( for whatever its worth) into an actual mobocracy.

And when the mob takes to the streets, ( as they did in Rome) we know how that pans out!!