Turn Corporate Weaknesses into YOUR Selling Strengths!!

Hi readers,

These times are tough, and especially for those of us in Sales, more so.

Many of my friends have fallen victim to the reality of a tough market and when opportunity presented itself have joined start ups, newbie firms that perhaps do not have the brand strength of their former employers.

Well thats the reality you have to live with folks!

So what do you do? Do you wallow in self pity and let the situation get the better of you when you go out there to get your volume and revenue targets?

My take…use a weak corporate brand to your advantage and generate success!! here is how…

  • Weakness: Nobody has ever heard of my firm.
  • Strength: They can’t have negative pre-conceptions.


  • Weakness: We’ve only been in business a short time.
  • Strength: We’ve got something new and different to offer.


  • Weakness: We’re bloated with bureaucracy.
  • Strength: We have many people willing to help.


  • Weakness: We’re tiny, with only a handful of people.
  • Strength: We don’t have a bureaucracy to weigh us down.


  • Weakness: Our product is untested in the market.
  • Strength: In today’s world, innovation is priceless.


  • Weakness: Our product cost more than the competition’s.
  • Strength: We’re the best so we cost the most.