Indian Sharia Law

The Indian constitution claims to provide equal rights to all citizens of the country, however in this “GREAT” nation of ours, the muslim minority has the privilege of being governed not only by the Indian penal code and laws, but have the flexibility to work within the tenets of Sharia law!!

I am therefore confused…are we really governed by one constitution, one law, or are there privileges given to certain sections of our secular nation, that are their by right because they deserve special consideration!!?? and why may I ask do they deserve special consideration? because the politicians believe that they were  persecuted during the time of our partition some 60 years ago and that wrong has to be addressed by giving them this special privilege!!

How convoluted can our thinking be? How medieval can our “enlightened” law makers be that this abomination can be accepted in the name of pacifying and placating a minority ( which is on its way to become a majority!!)

Under the muslim Sharia law, the woman who has been raped has the onus to provide proof that she was raped !!! thats the ruling of the Muslim sharia law..


How different is this law, when a raped woman has to be subjected to humiliation at our police stations by the leering policemen, who ask her to narrate the sordid details of her rape, in effect, asking HER for proof that she was raped !!!

This is the sad reality of our archaic police laws and our masochist mentality that subjugates women, where the scriptures give the female deity the position of power and purity!! Such is the hypocrisy of our society, such is the level of rot that has set in ,….and one has to realize that the rot starts from the very top , and the onus of turning our great nation into a degenerate society rests solely with them; the so called representatives of the “common man”, the leader, the politicians, the political class and the elected parliamentarians who occupy our temple of democracy and vitiate it with their banality, day in day out.

Is it not then not the time to right a wrong?