Priceless Contribution of our Political class- Home grown Cultural Terrorism…

Hi readers,

What have we as a nation come to after 65 years of our independence because of the rule of our political class.

You will note that I say “RULE” and not ” GOVERNANCE”, because that is the sad truth…we as a people, have NOT BEEN GOVERNED by leaders and nation builders, BUT ruled by a political class that has matured into the proverbial man eating Tiger that is feeding itself on its people!!

We have achieved such depths in our development as a nation, that the so called “Freedom of expression” , supposedly enshrined in our “DEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTION”  has been relegated to a misnomer and a mere joke.

The first case of purging of freedom of expression came about a week back, when Kamal Hasan’s magnum opus, Vishwaroopam was taken off Cinema halls because a handful of Muslim minority fundamentalist, illiterates protested against the “anti Islam” content of the Film, and the state Government quickly banned the film as a reaction!! Kamal Hassan has been reduced to a shambles in less than a week, harried from pillar to post, to seek revocation of the ban and to release his film in the country!! All the while the political class is on national media , justifying their actions ( justifying also that the freedom of expression in our constitution comes with a caveat!!) in the name of preserving rule of law, preserving peace AND mollifying the anger of the minority ( muslim) community!!


The second case unraveled today- Salman Rushdie, the celebrated author who was in India till a few hours back, was warned by the West Bengal Government not to enter the state!! Please note- I said, he was warned  and NOT ADVISED…he was warned that if he traveled to the state, he would be arrested on the spot in order to maintain  law and order in the state ( because fringe , fundamentalist, illiterate, muslim groups were protesting on the streets of Kolkata, and their illogical voice has drowned the tenets of our DEMOCRACY!!). So Salman Rushdie just made a very relevant point as he prepared to board a flight back to the US- he said ” There is a cultural terrorism prevalent in the country…this is a sad reflection of India today”.

He could not have nailed it better!!!

Thanks to our spineless, loathsome political class, we have indeed been transformed into a GLORIFIED BANANA REPUBLIC in 65 years after independence!!

The hypocrisy of Indian value systems

In the land where Vatsyana gave the world a treatise called the Kamasutra ( which NOT ONLY deals with the beautiful art of love making, BUT with the art of conducting oneself with the fairer sex…this may please be noted), where the hindu ancient scriptures have venerated the female goddess, Shakti ( Meaning- POWER), it is pathetic to see the ugly face of male  hypocrites in Indian society today.

It may be noted , that ALL priests in the Hindu religion are men, AND like our corrupt political class have realized a long time ago (centuries ago) that in order to maintain their firm grip on the other half of the population ( women) they will keep them subjugated through deliberate illiteracy, lack of access to education and plain terror. Of course, subversion of the written text in our scriptures, by translating that for the uneducated women, through male chauvinist eyes, was the natural next step that perpetrated the exploitation of women through centuries.

Legitimacy to this was granted when the Muslim invader ruled India and finally settled here.

Here are these male priests who lead the prayer offered to Shakti, AND con-volute the written verse to exploit the devdasis in temples!!

Here are these male priests who capture the attention of the congregation, including women, and then go about endorsing their economic exploitation and their sexual exploitation. They have willfully curbed the rights of women, especially in rural India, where a majority of India resides, and where women constitute majority of the illiterate and uneducated !!

Today’s comment by the leader of the RSS, Ram Bhagwat is a telling comment and an expose of the level of perverse thinking of the “leaders” that lead our country.

He is not the only one- lets take a countdown

  • Abhijit Mukherjee- Son of our President, MLA from West Bengal, who has a sister, and a mother, saying that he is an authority on “real” women- their reality according to him is that protesting women are “dented ” and “Painted”!!!
  • Aniwur Rehman- CPM leader who asks the price to be paid to the CM of the state if she was raped!!
  • Cabinet Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya from MP Govt, from the BJP, says women are to blame for men being seduced and eventually raping them!!

These are just some instances that have cropped up over the last 24 hours which are a reflection of the all pervasive perversion existing in the political class in the “modern” India today.

I am now taken back to utterances by Robert Vadra recently, when he referred to our country as a banana republic. At that point in time and with the context, it came as a rude shock to me!! It seemed out of line and in very bad taste and almost arrogant…

And then I go back to the very recent past, when Ratan Tata said that the way things are panning out in India, the way governance ( or is it??) in being done, he would not hesitate to call our country a banana republic- NOW this coming from a person of the stature of Ratan Tata DID NOT shock me, but made me stand up and take notice.

In the light of the contents of this blog and the events of the last few weeks, I could not agree more with the above statements- that India indeed is a banana republic, fit for rule by a one eyed king, in the land of the blind, whose opium is HOPE.

HOPE, that protests will change a corruption ridden , self serving system, serving the neo rulers ( not leaders) of India, led by the political class.

My friends in the US and the EU, please take note of this and think twice before making your investment decisions in this banana republic!!!

Does India deserve its place in the league of nations?

The Afrikaner right leaning government of South Africa during the apartheid era was disallowed from participating at global fora, was slapped for human rights discrimination for violating civil rights of people in the country, discrimination that was based on their racial and ethnic segregation.

Amnesty International, Human rights watch, US government, countries in the EU, across South America, and even India had slapped sanctions against the apartheid government and maintained that till Mandela was freed, his freedom marking the dawn of a new nation, the new South Africa that we now call the rainbow nation.

I cannot but help make comparisons between what has transpired in South Africa and what is seen in my motherland today.

Lets compare and analyse

Apartheid vs the caste system in India

Apartheid is segregation of people of different races from one another based on their racial features, color of their skin AND  using religious text as a pretext to implement this abomination.

The caste system in India derives its sanctity from the religious texts and teachings, segregates people based on the kind of trade they ply or the work they do ( which is often passed on from generation to generation, with no hope to move up, since they do not have the required skills or the education to move up!!) and creates a pecking order where the “higher” castes , take it upon themselves to exploit the ” lower castes”.

The AFRIKANER versus the INDIAN POLITICAL CLASS and their political legitimacy

The white racist Afrikaner believed that without his “superior” intelligence ( because he was white skinned!!) the country would fall into disarray, which gave him the GOD GIVEN right to strictly segregate the country on racial lines, without which there would be chaos!!

The political class in India believe that without them, the voting, illiterate, un educated masses would fall by the way side, and they are therefore GOD’s GIFT to poor, illiterates, who are the vast majority, who vote for them, based on caste lines ( poor wretches, cannot understand that giving in to the appeal of caste based voting , is endorsing their poor plight, and endless continuity of the caste system which exploits them….they will never have the necessary intelligence to comprehend what they ultimately give in  to, based purely on HOPE of better governance).

The Indian political class thus segregates the people based on caste lines ( as opposed to racial lines…its just the same really)

Human right violations in Apartheid South Africa and in the reality of India

The Apartheid government of South Africa was ostracized for their brutal repression of the civil rights, for economic segregation based on racial lines, for not giving access to basic amenities to people of color.

  • Education- The apartheid government of South Africa deliberately ensured that education was not made available to people of color, especially the blacks , so that they could justify their apartheid policy, and tell the world that EVEN if governance was to be given to blacks, the blacks were unfit to rule since they were not educated- therefore implying, that their subjugation was the only way forward. The policies ( or lack of it ) of the Indian political class over the last 65 years have mirrored the apathy of the apartheid government and can only be analysed as a deliberate attempt to keep large masses of voting population uneducated, illiterate, and therefore globally unaware…and therefore unable to think logically, think for themselves and take decisions ( vote) based on self realization and self determination. Hence its been very easy for the political class to exploit the illiteracy of the voting class and to remain in power despite no performance over the last 65 years.
  • Economic segregation- The apartheid government in South Africa ensured economic segregation of the nation by implementing education segregation, and creating a poorly skilled pool of labor class that subsided on below average minimum wage. By ensuring failure in educating its masses over the last 65 years, the Indian government has ensured that large swathes of the population are unfit for skilled jobs, and therefore for moving up the economic ladder. The disparity in wages between educated , highly skilled professionals and unskilled ( uneducated, illiterate) labor force in India is so glaring that it stumps you, not to mention that there exists a huge gap between the wage of a woman and man in the country!
  • Civil rights- During the apartheid regime , the South African government let lose a reign of terror in Soweto where students were protesting their lack of access to decent education- the government would have none of that, and let lose their dogs, gun slinging  white police officers and mowed down the protesters- how different is the recent spate of protests across India that have galvanized a sleeping nation? How different is the recent crackdown on the protesters?

Pathetic and non existent implementation of education across India, leading to huge economic disparity in the country, leading to the masses asking for their civil rights as citizens ( to be educated, to be emancipated) is a vicious cycle- where the Government, lead by the RULING ( NOT LEADING) political class, shows total disdain for accountability, passes the buck at the drop of a hat ( my bureaucrats dont work , my clerks dont work, I did my job by signing off on the document prepared by some one etc etc) and passes off non  performance as achievements against global benchmarks, ONLY a total revamp of the political class will ensure sustenance of a truly democratic nation.

EDUCATION is just one element that I have taken to construct a case to make the required comparisons between the apartheid regime in South Africa and what has been happening , right under our noses for the past 65 years, in the garb of “democracy”.

If South Africa could be slapped with punitive sanctions by the league of nations for over 40 years, till they came to their senses and truly became a democracy, then what stops the nations of the world to impose sanctions against India, which is de facto, RULED ( and not LED) by a corrupt, malicious, self serving political class ( much like the white , supremacist, racist Afrikaner)!

Food for though for my friends in civil society in the US, EU and elsewhere!!