Let Jyoti be the light that creates a new India

One of the TV channels just announced through a politician that the name of the rape victim who has galvanized the soul of an entire generation is , Jyoti.

Jyoti, ( for my American and English speaking friends) means light and the irony of the tragedy is not lost one me when I realize that it took her life to wake up the sleeping masses, who have meekly endured the tyranny of our rulers (please note- they are NOT our leaders) for over 65 years!!

If it takes a Jyoti to light the fire of revolution , then so be it!

If it takes a Jyoti,  to wake up a sleeping giant, a slumbering leviathan, then so be it!

If it takes a Jyoti, to awaken the collective consciousness of a nation in stasis for over 65 years, then so be it!!

But as a practicing strategist, I have but a few points to make for those on the streets and fighting for a just cause against the neo- colonialists , our venerated politicians and their cronies ( bureaucrats and police officials)-

  • Please understand that those of us , agitating in urban centers across the country, against an entire political class , constitute only 20% of the votes.
  • Majority of the voting ( 80%) happens in the semi-urban and rural centers- these areas constitute the MAJOR VOTE BANKS for the politicians.
  • If this revolution (pink revolution as per our intelligent, venerated President’s son, Abhijeet Mukherjee!) is to make serious inroads, gain traction , and shake up the rotten foundations of our pathetic excuse for a democracy, then the masses in the semi-urban an rural centers of India have to be roused from their deep sleep.
  • It is not as difficult as you imagine- thankfully, due to the poor development of urban centers, all it takes is a drive of 2 hours away from urban centers, and voila , you are in rural India!
  • Target those who have armed forces background, explain you cause in their local language, provide the context for them to comprehend issues beyond, caste , creed, and certainly beyond sex, and convert them to your cause.
  • These converts, from armed forces background, are most likely to spread the REAL ISSUES of this mass initiative, and shake the foundations of our pathetic political class and their cronies!!

Give me a shout out if you need free consultation on how to drive this strategy!!