Why do our politicians need security cover?

The events of the past 2 weeks are exposing the reality of the elected representatives of India.

Their rhetoric in venue after venue, in our parliament and in public screams that they are the real representatives of the “common man”; that is the undying love of the common man that gives them the right to represent their electorate and voice their grievances and sort their problems out. All this is good.

BUT after all this claim of having unstinting support of their people, these so called leaders need to have Z+ security.

For the uninitiated, let me explain what Z+ security really is.

It ranges all the way from 150 to 50 plus police, para military and commandos that form security “rings” around the politician , when ever , he or she moves around.

The Z+ security for ALL the politicians is paid for with my TAX DOLLARS!! the Irony is that I PAY for the pathetic, greedy, corrupt politicians security in my country, whereas I and my tax paying friends dont feel secure in my own back yard!!

Now lets address the logic of providing security for our “common man” politicians.

Why would an “extremely popular” politician need security at this lavish scale if he indeed was so popular? Isnt our politician a public figure, where he needs to be close to his electorate and to listen to their day to day problems and solve them? So if his 150 security personnel keep his electorate away from him, how does he even claim to know his electorate and to be close to them ?

The only reason such a politician can justify his requirements for Z+ security is if he has a real threat to his life.

Now lets examine if he or she indeed have a real threat to their lives…

May be yes….and you may not be surprised ….the angst of the real people as opposed to the “common man” is real and has spilled on to the streets of our capital in fury and this is the first warning sign to our “leaders” to wake up and smell the coffee!