What We Can Learn from “Sales Gods” and succeed!

Hi readers,

Further to my blogs on the subject of sales management and success in the sales roles, I am now going to share my wisdom about sales gods and what makes them tick….and from this understanding learn a few new tricks ( you can always teach a old dog new tricks!!!)

Tricks that can help those of us in sales to succeed in sales for years to come…

My mentors, my bosses who were amazing sales men , all possessed similar traits that made them stand apart from the riff raff and ensured their qualified success in their careers…so based on my personal observation I now share these pearls of wisdom with you

  1. They make other people feel important.  While it wasn’t always easy to get time on their calendar, once I was actually speaking with them, each made me feel as if I were the most important person in the world.  And that’s quite a trick, when you consider that I’m not even a customer.
  2. They are all unbelievably upbeat.  Talk about positive.  The experience of having a conversation with them left me with an “aura” of good feeling that lasted for the rest of the day.  No kidding.  It was an almost drug-like high.
  3. They obviously love their customers. Not just like them BUT Love them. Think of them as friend and family.  Cared if they were happy.  Cared about their lives.  Cared about how the product or service fit into their customer’s life goals.  Really went deep with their reverence for their clients.
  4. They all have fabulous product knowledge.  They know what they are selling up, down and sideways.  They know everything there is to know about their products.  (So guys pretending to know the subject, and being superficial about your products or services will serve you only a couple of times till you are busted…so as the old adage goes, there is no short cut to success folks!!) And they aren’t afraid to point out what their product won’t do.  No exaggeration or lying here ( MARK this one guys!!)
  5. They KNOW they are changing the world.  Courage of conviction!! Even Steve Jobs, who sold Apple products ( iconic may I add), expressed a strong conviction that he was making the world a better place.  All of these “sales gods” felt they were in the business of making people happy.