The pretense of Indian Democracy

Shiv Khera, noted author and columnist just said in national TV that the Govt. is the biggest terrorist of the Indian people!

How prophetic and taunting testament to our democratic institutions!

I am also reminded sadly of a statement made by Ratan Tata to a journalist on national TV that we are a glorified banana republic! (The context was the lack of governance provided by this government for the past 12 months, leading to policy paralysis…)

My take on our democracy is this…

when the British finally left Indian in 1947, they left behind systems and infrastructure in place that was a bare minimum foundation on which to build modern India.

Our constitution was carefully written, after suitable , and winding , due diligence , with the aim to protect the rights of the people of India and make it holistic in its tenor and spirit. Unfortunately it has been reduced to an old encyclopedia that is perhaps gathering dust some place, with no reflection of the realities of what has transpired over the last 65 years.

Archaic penal laws, going back to the times of the British as still in vogue. Large swathes of our population is either illiterate or ignorant of their rights and responsibilities. The interpretation of the constitution and the rule of law is left to the law makers, the seedy politicians and their chosen civil servants, who are corrupted or rendered subservient to their masters in no time.

This interpretation of the law has been shamelessly used to subjugate the people of this country and to protect the political class at the top. While the fat cats in our parliament enjoy 24 X 7 VIP protection, and other perks that they give to themselves in the name of the common man, AND enjoy the spoils of corruption,  70% of the common man in our country lives on less than $ 2 per day!

If the hoarse cry of the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and his followers during the time of the British Raj was against the sheer brutality of the colonial masters, how is the brutality perpetrated by the Indian Govt. on protesters in India Gate any different from what the British did to us then?

The reality stares us all in our faces; we are just spineless to admit the reality.

After independence , the people of India have simply replaced the white colonial masters with brown skinned ones- the hideous joke is on us; our own politicians continue to be smug in the security that our warped twisted laws provide them, and they rest assured that they do not face criminal justice or the right to recall, and hence have the audacity to get away with murder.

And the leading nations of the world call our country a democracy!!!