Rule of law in Indian Democracy

Since independence, there has been a clever strategy implemented by the political class to create this aura of invincibility in the voting masses that is is ONLY the political classes that can deliver growth, sustainable livelihood, food security, water access and all things that are deemed to be a must have for civil society, including education.

But those of us , in the largely, urban, middle class, know that over the last 65 years, the political class owes its great success in keeping the largely semi urban and rural voting masses tethered to their HOPES and DREAMS is by keeping them bereft of REAL changes, not educating them, and playing caste based politics.

Because, large swathes of our voting population continues to be illiterate, un educated and definitely globally unaware, these people, living in India’s semi urban and rural hinterland, are politically weak, have little and no understanding of their rights and rule of law in the land, and remain subservient to HOW THE RULES ARE INTERPRETED and FED TO THEM by the politicians, the bureaucrats and those in the police.

( please note- when I say bureaucrats and police, I DO NOT MEAN  a blanket sweeping reference to ALL in this fraternity, but a majority of them- AND , I certainly consider even the “GOOD” guys to be partners in crime to their political masters, if they do not demonstrate, courage of conviction to say NO or to take a stand against their political masters!!)

Thus the rules in India are at 2 levels

  • Rules that apply to the political class, the bureaucrats  and those in the police forces
  • Rules that apply to the common man- other than politicians, bureaucrats and those in the police forces

Case in point- Bitti Mohanty, son of a Director General of Police of the state of Orissa was convicted of rape in 2006, and while on parole, vanished from the face of the earth in 2007- probably living a life of luxury in the US or UK with the resources provided by his politically connected father!! the case is still under investigation……

Case in point- Akbaruddin Owais, politician with connections to the ruling party in India, spouting anti India anti Hindu rhetoric in open forums to a cheering illiterate audience, made up of (illiterate, fundamentalist) muslims- only after the intervention by a national TV channel was some action taken against him!! NO ONE from the public domain came forward to speak of this breach of the law…

These 2 cases simply tell you the real truth of the reality (frailty) of Indian democracy and democratic institutions, which are weak at best, and absolutely hollow and rotten at worst.

One look at the spate of issues that have been highlighted by the national media on how brazenly the political class has usurped the rule of law in the country ( this in the aftermath of the recent rape and murder of a young doctor in the national capital) and as an educated individual, you will clearly comprehend the level of systematic decay that has been fostered by the political class over the last 65 years of their rule ( please note- I say rule and not leadership , because after the exit of the white rule from the UK, this neo brown political class has seamlessly moved into the same seats that were vacated and turned politics into a devious art form in India, all in the name of democracy!!)

Those in the business of human rights, sitting in the US and in the EU need to be reading this space….and comment on how they perceive the state of affairs in this democracy!!

The abomination that is Indian democracy and rule of law

Today the spirit of Indian woman died with the death of the rape victim in Singapore.

The attempt of the Indian Govt. to show its ‘genuine” concern for its “daughter” was a pathetic, lame exercise in survival politics- it was to show to the masses on the streets, in their homes, that this Govt. “cares” for its women and will to go to any lengths to ensure that they are cared for!

In reality it was designed to be a clever politically motivated maneuver to deflect the heat away from their seat of power, and if the victim had survived, to take the accolades from the protesters, and tell them that they did it…

alas this gambit failed with the death of the rape victim! so where are these politicians now?

In no mans land!!

Now they cannot take the  pedestal and proclaim their status as benevolent benefactors of the Indian masses, especially women and their rights, so their only recourse is to use national media platforms to shed crocodile tears, profess their sadness at the event, proclaim that they feel sorry for the victim and her family, AND pledge that they will ensure that she gets justice in the shortest possible time!

Please note that they then shortest possible time and not in a clearly defined time frame!

Any above average man should be able to understand why a clear commitment has not been given by ANY politician in this matter.

With an estimated 50% of our active politicians (and many more wannabe politicians currying favors with the powers that be), with criminal cases registered against them, including rape cases, they dare not take any real, stringent, time bound action.

If they do, half of their bench strength will be gone in a wink, and they will be left high and dry, scurrying from pillar to post to cobble together a working majority to run their “private enterprise” as politicians!!

It is in their interest, that they delay real justice and systemic changes to our rule of law, because doing so would amount to hara kiri.

So what will they do now?

They will leverage any platform, to pretend to make promises to the agitated masses, delay he process of due law, and hope that the opium of the Indian DNA, HOPE, will be the ultimate death knell for an agitation for a just cause.

They will use time to their advantage (delay tactics) and play the classic strategy of “containment” as opposed to head on collision, all the time using their spin doctors to spin yarns, digress from the main issue and deflect the focus of the protesters from the issue.

They will use all possible means, violence, threats, subversion of the law, civil servants, coercion, corruption and lies to stem the current tide of public anger and angst, to subdue the momentum of this initiative to buy more time to spin more stories, more promises and eventually get away with it.

Such is the public anger on the subject that many have asked for mob justice to be meted out to the perpetrators of this heinous crime, and we get to hear our politicians speak of democratic rule of law, justice etc etc. All these words sound hollow coming from the fat cat politicians and their appointed spin doctors.

Is this not an abomination in the name of democracy in our country?

Is this not a perverted subversion of natural justice?

If this is democracy that is of the people, by the people and for the people, then why dont the people decide how to deal with rapists and corrupt politicians in our country who enjoy immunity from “right to recall” and are seen as morally and ethically corrupt?