How Balanced are Your Sales Skills?

Everybody in sales wants to have great sales skills, but not everybody realizes that sales skills come in three varieties, apart from the MUST HAVE skills!

I was often asked the question by my team members and youngsters, newbie sale reps, who worked under me and were mentored by me- how can I quickly come up to speed on my selling skills- to which my response was, that apart from the very basic presentation MUST HAVES…like , presence, poise, confidence, personal hygiene, no-stubble, close shave, great deodorant, communication skills, presentation skills and articulation skills.


And….after all that, they also definitely needed to have the following skills that separate the men from the boys ( the super stars from the grovelers!)

  1. Psychological skills. These are what most people think of as sales skills. They include the ability to complete a successful cold call, to get an appointment, to build rapport, to give presentations, to close business and so forth. Above average  EQ (Emotional quotient) would also be very critical in turbulent times and in very competitive fields of play.
  2. Business skills. These are skills involve understanding your own industry and the customer’s industry. They include specific knowledge about your product offerings, competitive information, the business climate, the market, and economic influences. So read, read , read, and out your ideas on paper and in the blogosphere!!
  3. Process skills. These are the sales skills that deal with the way that things get done in your company. They include the ability to use sales technology, forecast revenue, research customers, and so forth. These skills are a little different inside each company, depending upon the market and industry. So, put thought to systems, standard operating procedures, go get another qualification, read , write and learn and develop your self as a future CSO!!

If you want to reach the very pinnacle of sales success, you’ll need to have all three skill categories balanced, honed and ready for action.

AND just to qualify …..the above cuts across both B2B and B2C domains and businesses. Keep this in mind.