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Beyond Work

I have been doing some research on indian marriages and its economics.
I found the following information from www.businesseconomics.in

    an upper middle class family normally spends 30 lakh on a wedding
    an average of 10 million (or 1 crore) marriages take place in India every year.
    conservative average of wedding expenditure to be `3 lakh i.e 3 trillion for weddings every year

In India, marriages are a big event for the family, relatives and kids. People come together during marriages, spending happens a lot from both bride and groom sides. Lets look into the place where spending and incoming happens and the enormous opportunities in those areas.

1. Brides and Grooms Dresses
2. Marriage Halls
3. Food
4. Flower Arrangements
5. Receptions (before or after marriage… usually happens during the evening)
6. Music bands or DJ

Getting a marriage hall within the city limits is the biggest issue. the…

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